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Follow pony most all-match makeup – Sohu believe many sister paper with small series are the same as the busy office workers, the early time particularly difficult (actually lazy) every day is sumianchaotian to work, if the corner with the former boyfriend, God would be awkward la la la la! Moreover, the daily dress collocation needs with different makeup, so a all-match makeup can be easily achieved in the United States and the United States go out early in the morning, da! In that case, we’ll follow pony to make up! Makeup is a required course for every girl, like collocation clothes, put up a foundation, are more likely to find their own style of makeup Oh ~ is actually the same, the all-match makeup practice, then add on the basis for their tips, daily makeup properly! It is all-match makeup, but also have to seize control of the makeup efforts concentrated too much on the good oh ~ based makeup has many kinds, simple way, novices can easily operate, easy to have fresh and good color ~ Step1 in the eyelid on a layer of primer Step2 control below 1/2 Step3 on the base of Pearl silkworm part of the eyelid from the corner to the lower eyelid as a picture, if the eye spacing narrow woman can ignore this step Step4 white Eyeliner now cover the red blood Step5 to draw a line in the silkworm, which is more prominent, smile when it will look better ~ Step6 painted eyeliner, with brown than a natural black Step7 in the red and blue dots with Eyeliner Pen fill eyelashes fingertips the spaces between the Step8 mascara can not be repeated scanning, Not easy to sweep out the fly leg Step9 finger picks up a finger blush, laughing and then coated on the drum will be local Step10 in order to achieve a more natural effect, from the outside to the inside of the cheek gently dizzy Step11 lipstick color best choice and blush similar, or the most natural color is the red bean paste the mall eleven big promotion, multiple gifts waiting for you to get more information about WeChat ~, welcome the public number: the photography.相关的主题文章: