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Foreign car how difficult? Fresh literacy stickers, international driver’s license free certification! The most beautiful scenery of Tourism – Sohu, often only self driving to heart to feel the fun. Climbing and crossing on the road, and explore the emerging around the window, beautiful panoramic view, and retained the beauty of pictures is to let people remember as the time. Think in a foreign country can at the wheel when the pen to sway, to draw a beautiful arc in the travel domain, but do not know how to do? The "Lonely Planet" magazine jointly Chinese leading overseas travel car rental platform — rental for guests on the practical international license authentication part car (TIDL). At this moment, the lonely gentleman to come to literacy driving before going abroad should be considered, and free certification, to customer wholeheartedly indulge in the road, with a look! What is an international driver’s license? > > international driver’s license certification (Translation of International Driver a License) is based on the "United Nations Convention on road traffic" and in strict accordance with international standards will be translated into 9 languages China license standard license document translation, foreign institutions and car rental companies are high degree of recognition! > > at present, in addition to be used in Hong Kong, Japan and South Korea, India, Sri Lanka and other countries and regions, a car rent international driver’s license certification, widely 200 countries outside the car rental company accepted than English notarized and car rental companies translations must be wide, very powerful. What is the difference between an international driver’s license and an international driver’s license IDP? > > international driver’s license (International Driving Permit), is presented by adding the "United Nations Convention" road of national government, the China have not yet joined the Convention, so not issued an international driver’s license. The international driver’s license certification has been recognized by the world’s 200 countries, to support the local car rental car, legitimate driving, as long as there is a Chinese driver’s license will be able to handle. Driver’s license must be translated by the notary office? The main contents are Chinese Chinese license characters, many foreign institutions and car rental companies simply cannot read, so a supplementary license documents translation is particularly important, common license translation files have an international license certificates (TIDL) license driving English notarized translation. For most countries, there is no difference in the effectiveness of the translation produced by the notary office in the same way as your own version. Because foreigners can not verify the legitimacy Chinese notary, so in recognition of China driving state, some can be used directly China license, some dealers can use translation approved, others need to obtain local translation institutions recognized translation. To apply for international driver’s license, I need to go through what procedures? * prepare application materials: fill in the application form, signed by the applicant after scanning; within the period of validity of their driver’s license color scanning; the two inch white color documents (electronic version); the validity of driving相关的主题文章: