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Foreigners in Australia illegally purchase 16 homes suffered another heavy sale Beijing – Beijing September 19, according to Australian news report, the Australian treasurer Morrison (Scott Morrison) announced that 19 local time, due to the purchase and sale of illegal cases, 16 overseas investors were forced to buy housing in australia. Despite the Australian government’s move or to combat the enthusiasm of overseas buyers in Australia, but from the hot market auction house view, the Australian real estate continues to heat. 16, illegal purchase is strong sell comprehensive "Australian newspaper", Domain reported, this was forced to sell overseas buyers house is located in Victoria, NSW, Queensland and Western Australia, the price from 200 thousand yuan ($, the same below) to 2 million yuan. Affected buyers from China, the United Kingdom and Canada and other countries. In this regard, Morrison said, these overseas investors in the purchase of Australian housing or not after the overseas investment review board (FIRB) approval, or approval of the existence of illegal acts." Morrison also stressed, must ensure that the overseas investment benefits for all people, abide by the regulations and not in violation of national interests in australia. It is understood that since 2013 the Australian government began to investigate and deal with illegal buyers overseas buyers, has forced the sale of 46 houses, with a total value of $93 million. In addition, by the end of 2015 the Australian government introduced a new system of punishment, has been on the purchase of real estate in Australia before the purchase of FIRB was not approved by the issued a letter of notification. Melbourne, Sydney Qing shoot rate of innovation tend to be strict overseas investors to purchase new regulations or hit investor enthusiasm, but from the Australian housing auction market hot, still in the Australian real estate boom continues. Last weekend, Melbourne housing prices continued to usher in a strong rebound in the closing rate, early spring Market continues. 17, 2009, Melbourne housing shoot rate was eventually recorded at the end of the year, breaking the record for nearly two months, more than a week ago, the same time, more than the same period last year, a total of 74.5% of the same period of last year, a total of more than 79.5% yuan in the past year. The lack of registration of real estate auction is one of the reasons leading to the rise of the Qing dynasty. Only 792 real estate registration last weekend, down from the previous 846. It is worth mentioning that, in addition to Melbourne housing auction market fiery, Sydney housing auction market also showed signs of warmer. On Saturday, the Sydney housing shot rate hit the highest level since last June, up to 85.1%, compared with the same period last year, the clean up rate of nearly 15% higher than the rate of 71.3%. The previous week, Sydney housing auction rate had accidentally slipped to 77.1%.相关的主题文章: