Four years ago to withdraw from the United States SUZUKI this time to give up China – Sohu car y580

Four years ago, the United States to withdraw from SUZUKI this time to give up China – Sohu car in recent years, China’s booming car market, the car has long been flying into the homes of ordinary people. However, behind the bustling, small car market is shrinking. As of September this year, small car market sales fell 19.4%. Small cars as the main force of the SUZUKI, but faces no small challenge. Compared to last year’s loss of 390 million yuan, Changan SUZUKI in the first half of the year to achieve a profit of 1 million 830 thousand, but this data is really good to see it? 1-9 months, Changan SUZUKI cumulative sales of 82 thousand vehicles, from the annual target of 168 thousand, as well as half of the journey". Small car? Environment eclipse with the level of consumption upgrade, the small car market has gradually began to shrink. Economic development, driven by the improvement of the level of consumption, in the past the main cheap, really small car, has gradually been eliminated. From the statistical data, the domestic automobile production and sales growth. 1-9 months, China’s auto sales were 19360400, an increase of 13,17%. However, this contribution is mainly from the compact, medium-sized models. SUZUKI sales slump, mainly in India, China and other real estate sales decreased. Earlier, in the car market in India, Yu Yan Alto, but very popular models. In addition, the market for a long time China Alto in the "national car" identity performance after Xiali, now make a living away from home, sluggish sales per month can only sell a few hundred taiwan. Small, micro car market is gradually eliminated is the trend of the times, such as SUZUKI flagship car brand, the most urgent thing is to adapt to the new market environment as soon as possible. The car still? Hope the domestic automobile market, the most popular compact models, the second is the medium level models. Small, mini car is not good, but not without hope. Bao Jun, the exploration of the market has its own hand, 560, the success of the 730 is a good example. In the context of small car downturn, Bao Chun has launched 310, many people have expressed doubts. However, from the actual market performance, Po Chun proved himself again. October, Po Chun 310 received the monthly sales of 11809. 310 success, mainly in the low price, the price of up to 35 thousand and 800, for most people, the pressure is not large. Positioning for the mini car Alto, the price is not acceptable. 4.18-6.19 million, this interval has been able to choose their own brand of small SUV, or even compact car. Moreover, the identity of the joint venture is not the primary consideration. In the small SUV market, independent brands can be said to have an absolute advantage, the price is outstanding domestic killer. Bin Chi, XR-V is a leader in joint venture small SUV market, 1-9 has sold more than 10 taiwan. In contrast, Vitra sold only 28819 cars. As a family of top beam, this result is indeed difficult to climb the table. SUZUKI needs to change? Brand power is limited, to escape the shadow of alto. Japanese land.相关的主题文章: