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Foxconn $120 million investment – Sohu technology Beijing daily news (reporter Wei Yu) to get Apple investment nearly 4 months later, once again get the favor of the industry giants. Yesterday evening, the company confirmed that Fuji Yasuko drops Foxconn $119 million 900 thousand investment, accounting for 0.36% of the shares. Public information display, drops have been Tencent, Alibaba, apple, China Merchants Bank, life, Poly Real Estate and Foxconn and other major industrial investors stake. It is worth noting that, according to the amount of investment and the Foxconn’s shareholding ratio is calculated, the current valuation drops more than $33 billion, and this drop on at the beginning of the month with excellent step to merge, the industry to fit the company’s valuation of $35 billion not much difference between. Although the two sides did not disclose the purpose of reaching the investment case, but the industry generally believe that Foxconn is not a simple financial investment. In May this year, apple invested $1 billion to the drops, Foxconn as Apple’s long-term partner, choose to invest in shares or investment related to apple. Like apple, Foxconn strong interest in the automotive market, has entered into the field of new energy vehicles with Tencent. In the context of the global smartphone market saturation, Foxconn, apple are trying to seek development in the automotive market. Didi said, Foxconn is a global electronics industry leader, drops in support of value investors at home and abroad, will continue to promote investment in China Mobile travel industry development, create a better experience for the user. It is understood that the drops have been received a number of giant investment this year, at the beginning of this year, China Merchants Bank announced that bit of strategic investment, May investment of $1 billion from the Apple Corp in June, confirmed that Chinese life drops $600 million investment, after a week, poly estate $400 million stake drops. More importantly, a month ago, Didi announced the acquisition of Uber China business, had given the maximum pressure drops Uber China turned into their own people, but also get Uber support from headquarters, to further consolidate the leading status of domestic travel industry. At present, the main competitors of the Shenzhou car, easy to drop, and the cars are about cars, there is a large gap.相关的主题文章: