From 3D touchsiri gradually mature apple product philosophy cibi

From the 3D Touch Siri is gradually mature apple product philosophy in 2010, Jobs personally convinced Siri to under its wing, and with his "swan song" iPhone 4S formally incorporated into the iOS, has experienced several years of ridicule up; 2015, iPhone  6S series through pressure induction into the 3D  screen; Touch operation that is regarded as a two-dimensional interactive extension to 3D milepost, but a lot of people are very difficult to "special" to use it; including fingerprint recognition, 64 bit processor and the above mentioned Siri voice assistant and 3D Touch operation and so on can be counted as the first iPhone and caused widespread follow function. But in addition to the processor upgrade silently in width and improve the speed of fingerprint recognition, gave us great convenience in the field of security and payment Outside, there are those for ordinary users has been called the "chicken ribs" function from apple — why they are still persist after years of development, and the similarities and differences and imitators? This is from Apple’s product philosophy. From the 3D  Touch Siri; mature apple products issued in the Siri philosophy sparked ridicule for a long time the media tried their best (including US), have to say, the first Siri is an absolute "wide in the discipline, strict with others" products, there are many speech recognition slot point and feedback information form, such as the process of speech recognition to the user with too many such as clear and accurate intonation requirements, but his pronunciation is not much better than the TTS of the synthesized speech. As the core part of the back-end technology – Web search, knowledge search, knowledge base and Q & A and recommendation – not to mention the accuracy, the early experience of a friend will know how much slag. In 2014, Apple’s Siri voice recognition system based on the transplantation of the neural network, the accuracy is greatly improved, in 2015 apple is Siri connected to the Home, Home can control each single devices in the family, such as your front door lock or your room lights, and a series of equipment to build a connection a scene, therefore, if you click on the "good night" button in Home, then Siri will come out of a series of control equipment in the home, such as to help you pull down the curtain and dim room lights, do not need hands-on Siri can help you complete. Apple announced this year that the future of Siri will open API interface, which means that the future users only need to send voice commands on the phone can be completed by the operation, without the need to enter the third party applications. According to the classification, we are familiar with Alipay, Uber, Skype and a large number of fitness applications can be controlled by Siri. One thing that has to be mentioned is that when Apple realized that the voice of the Siri technology is still basically from the third party authorization, it is planned to change the situation, senior vice president in charge of software engineering Craig"相关的主题文章: