Fund price war intensified only 10 funds in August lowered rates

The fund rate price war intensified in August 10 fund cut rates, reporter Zhang Xin, editor of Yu Yong recently, many fund companies announced the holders’ meeting convened by the "centralized" rate. In this regard, insiders pointed out that this year, stocks and bonds market are lack of systematic opportunities, fund money effect is also affected, and now the public fund is the main organization pattern, gold pressure, making the fund company’s discount rate war intensified the situation presented. The popularity of preferential rates in September 2nd, never won a steady interest announcement to reduce fund redemption fee. On August 30th, Chinese new opportunities, Huaan daily, GF Xin Aetna returns, and the League of nations Xinxiang reduced management fee or custodian fees in the same announcement. Coincidentally, only in August, and Cathay Pacific Cathay policy driven, restructuring, the bank 21 days of financial bonds, Eastern Dingxin flexible configuration, flexible configuration, New Oriental Hui Peng Gary double bonds and other 10 funds through the program will be lowered to varying degrees, the rate in the holders of the general assembly. In general, most of the management fees for equity funds is 1.5%, the bond fund management fees are mostly 0.8%, flexible allocation fund management fees generally between the above two. Statistics show that the current management fees in 0.6% and below the partial stock funds have more than 100, only 0.6%. On the custodian fee, the past custodian fee is generally about 0.25%, there are currently nearly 30% fund custodian fees will be reduced to less than 0.15%. In addition, the fund will be based on different shares or sales channels to collect a certain degree of subscription fees and redemption fees. However, this year, a large number of fund companies to large-scale layout of the low rate of class C share, but also led to a substantial reduction in the rate. In general, the subscription fee, the majority of C class share subscription fee of 0, only a few C class share fund for the purchase fee to take sub file charges. For the redemption fees, the vast majority of class C shares take fee is redeemed for 30 days following the holding fee of 0.5%, holding more than 30 days is 0, the currency and bond funds are directly given zero discount redemption fee. In particular, popular in the low rate now, in addition to the fund company, many third party fund sales platform also played cards preferential rates. Currently, most of the third party fund sales platform subscription fee has dropped from the previous sixty percent off to ninety percent off, and even some of the products directly given a zero subscription fee concessions. According to statistics, the current market monetary fund’s overall rate of only 0.2%, the lowest rate of partial shares of the product is only a comprehensive rate of less than 1%, not less than a few of the 0.55%. For holding large amounts of funds for a long period of time, the rate may be more favorable. The price war has become a double-edged sword in Southern China a large fund company’s marketing department explained to reporters, now the fund issued almost fell to the freezing point, outsourcing funds can be said that each fund company’s "life-saving straw", now the price war is one of the outsourcing of fund companies to snatch the funds. The homogenization of products in the industry and the market environment is also serious, in general, can be said that no one fund in capital docking outsourcing "win" to grasp, so once D相关的主题文章: