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Science "We have seen the enemy and he is US!"-Pogo Gays and lesbians are NOT a threat to the American family. The threat .es from within: broken families are the result of dysfunctional heterosexuals who are unable to live peacefully with others. Thus, children then enter into the custody of the state and that is no life for a kid who will grow up to be another dysfunctional human being. Monogamous gay stable couples would adopt these unwanted children and relieve the state of the burden. But the state says NO! because the couples are not legal couples unless they are wed. The government would do better by providing Civil Unions and leaving the blessings of a marriage to the religious institutions to decide if two people shall be brought together in marriage. Politicians who play politics with love, marriage and religion are ‘foxes’ to quote Christ. In 1968, in Chicago Abbie Hoffman spoke to the children of the ’60’s who had planned on spending the night in a city park after their long day of ‘lobbying’ at the Democratic Convention. Mayor Daly sent word to Abbie that the multitudes were not wel.e in his park and the cops were on the way in to get them out. Before the Chicago mob with badges clobbered the heads of the children of the ’60’s, Abbie stood at a microphone and quoted Christ: "I send you out like little lambs into a wolves den. Remain as harmless as doves and cunning as snakes." If the doves had consulted Webster’s, they first would have had a laugh at the two words cunning is sandwiched between. Then they would have learned that cunning means one must be skillful, clever, sly, crafty, and do things with skill and ingenuity. To be cunning is to be attractive; cute and cleverly proficient. The doves lacked cunning and thus got there heads bashed in. That night in Chicago, as I was .ing of age in Levittown, many a hippy was transformed into a yippy, the only requirement for transformation being baptism by billy-clubs. Power continues to resort to violence and nonviolent resistance takes cunning. It was Augustine who first corrupted the message of Christ when he penned the "Just War Theory." Up until the church was unified by Emperor Constantine’s insistence, no Christian had ever served in the military. It went against the believers conscience and their clear understanding of the philosophy of Jesus. Within 100 years after Constantine the empire required every soldier to be baptised. Christ responded with nonviolent resistance while the empire whipped him and nailed him to a cross. Jesus’s death was one of many radical social justice Jewish road warriors who were crucified for disturbing the staus quo of Rome. The gospel Christ preached was "Fear NOT!" After 9/11 American’s were led by fear and now Big Brother listens in on citizens phone calls without obtaining court orders. Big Brother has gotten so paranoid as to infiltrate Quaker meetings which have always been about the exercising of ones freedom of conscience and raising voices that have always said "NO!" to war and WMD. Quakers and many other Christian’s do support nonviolent resistance. Nonviolent resistance is anathema to Big Brother for Big Brother only understands violent force. We the people had to learn that slavery was evil and many of us are still needing to learn that woman are equal and that there is only one race: the human race. Peace .es from knowing yourself, your neighbor and seeing your brother and sister is everyone. …Human’s and some chimpanzees are the only animals that form male coalitions for the purpose of engaging warfare… About the Author: 相关的主题文章: