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UnCategorized In my recent past, I used to drive to my high-paying internet marketing job in my new Jeep Grand Cherokee with plush seats and stared at the beautiful flatirons near Boulder, Colorado. I watched the other commuters share the same experience of traffic, listening to the same worn-out morning radio and wondered if they also thought that there was something more than the corporate lifestyle. How I wanted to leave this company’s prison but felt safe in my cushion of financial comfort and predictability. Every day I wondered if there was a way I could escape and do what I love to do – really make a difference by helping people. But, how? Being single and solely responsible for my income, I did not see how I could ever leave my paycheck and shift careers. I witnessed friends who were in the services industry struggle with their businesses and trying to make ends meet. I was resolved to stay inside my box even though my heart was aching for more. Each day when I entered my office I wondered if there was ever going to be a way out. Over the span of four years, I was laid off three times. During each work hiatus, I researched other businesses and settled upon hypnotherapy as a career choice. I was really intrigued about the idea of working with the mind and helping others but hesitant as to whether that would bring in enough money to satisfy my lifestyle. During one break, I was really close to taking a chance and planned to take a hypnotherapy training course, but then I was offered another job. I succumbed to my material needs and filed away the application for the school. I stayed on the mailing list and each time I would get a brochure in the mail I would say, "Someday." Whenever we have a strong desire, the universe provides a way for us to attain our goals if we are open to the opportunities that are around us. I remember the day when I got the news about the company cutting back and my job was going to be eliminated. I had a surge of anger and then fear – what was I going to do? Then, as if a huge hug surrounded me, I heard the words in my mind, "It is time." The severance package and unemployment benefits covered my expenses until I finished school. On the first day of class, the teacher came in and said to the group, "I want to congratulate you on making this choice. You are about to do the most sacred work on the planet. You will help people see their own true divine nature." I knew at that moment I was in the right place. I started my hypnotherapy practice over five years ago and now earn twice as much money as I did in my last corporate job, working part-time. I am not going to say it was easy. The first year was really tough, the hardest and also most rewarding year of my life. I did not have a husband or wealthy parents to support me. I had no savings, advanced degrees or friends in high places. I was the underdog. All I had was my passion and willingness to do whatever it took to succeed. I prayed, I laughed, I celebrated and I cried that first year. When things were tough, I used the tools I learned to focus my mind on success and the breaks always seem to show up just when I needed them. I learned through this process that I could do anything. There is no greater feeling than to discover and succeed in your life’s work. Everyone has a special talent to share with the world and will be supported as they move out of their comfort zone to reach their dreams. If you are too scared to make a change on your own, the universe will come along and give you a little push. Even when your dreams seem so far off, you will be shown the way. About the Author: Debra Berndt is a Certified Hypnotic Love Coach, Host of The Love Coach Radio Show, and Author of the upcoming book, "Let Love In." Get free attract love mp3 download and her weekly dating advice newsletter from her website at Article Published On: ..articlesnatch.. – UnCategorized 相关的主题文章: