Girl meets girl Jacobs Marc Nabi dreadlocks play a Fantasia (video) tokyo hot n0476

Girl meets girl Jacobs Marc Nabi dreadlocks play a Fantasia New York fashion week is nearing the end of Marc Jacobs, we ushered in the 2017 spring and summer series of Carnival like big show. Marc Jacobs of the psychedelic retro party, hanging in the show in the bulb like stars. The bright color, eye-catching flowers, sparkling sequins and holographic model candy colored hair, once again let us in the dance movement. New York fashion week 2017 big legs: the big show Marc Jacobs attack of the guests and the catwalk supermodel is also worth seeing, Taylor supermodel sister group was three, Kendal, GIGI, Karlie Kloss had bimei. We are still alive show national sister Ouyang Nana and Li Qin and the handsome. The girl who love you more funny and supermodel? [National sister Ouyang Nana small artistes Li Qin] Li Qin wearing a Marc Jacobs2017 spring vacation series, handsome appearance this season finale show – Marc Jacobs2017 fashion conference. The show also new friend "Ouyang Nana Nabi" self selling two small adorable, is very cute! [wearing dreadlocks son] Kendall Gigi party supermodel Jenner Hadid and Bella Marc Jacobs show, the girls together is happy, with a thick hemp braid, publicity and Gothic Rock, with a cool, so do you think of the three girls who interpret this season is the best Marc Jacobs? [see the show looking ahead is full of legs] well, watching the show feeling is: "the sea is full of water, Marc and Jacobs are all legs", after this season to his brother pony integration vice line MBMJ into the main line, the irrepressible young cute atmosphere began to diverge. This season the models wore rainbow colored dreadlocks on ultra high donkey hoof MJ, wearing a miniskirt with Harajuku breath, jacket and so on, the world flower butterfly legs have a show in front of. 1, DISCO retro girl wearing retro sequined skirt and silk shorts girl filed out, you can even think they came out from a similar dirty street, but the thick star fan children. 2, dramatic mix of feathers, knitting, shoulder pads, pop geometry, animal print elements with miscellaneous mix, rich visual and general pavement like heat waves, so that you can not say what belong to which type, each set is the one and only out of the ordinary. 3, camouflage street girl favorite reckless chic camouflage jacket with wide freedom, a lazy sexy. [super high donkey hoof here there is a big wave window] 1, color candy socks +MJ will the girl’s sweet and perverse rebellious clever fusion, so that you can not help me see! 2, a quarter of a bag each one takes what he needs, cat face pack and psychedelic backpack are very cute. 3, exquisite embroidery相关的主题文章: