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Business Hey Everybody Hector the collector here! Like promised I’ve got more clips from the MLM Biz Builder Extravaganza. And like promised, I’ve got the interview with one of my mentors face to face. Without further adieu, the Top producer from Global Resorts Network TheTube Ninja himself, Steve Shuitt. Woo! Steve then said"Ah, I can’t kick in these pants. while doing Ninja stunts. I then said"Hey! Tell us a bit about what you’ve been up to the last couple of months." Steve replied "I’ve been enjoying this beautiful weather. As you can see this is Santa Monica, I promise. We just had an event here with Hector. He’s one of our awesome students. He’s been learning a lot of good stuff." He then said"What do you think so far?" I replied "Oh, I love it. Great content. I want more!" Then the top producer of Global Resorts Network Steve replied back"You want more?" "Well, you got it!" "Been doing this event since about ten o’clock. Just wrapping it up doing some filming as you can see over here." "Check it out." "We got everybody just filming each other taking pictures right now." "We’re just chilling out." "It was a fun day and I really look forward to bringing more value to you guys." I replied "Cool." Then asked,"Now for someone who is just getting started, what would you recommend your point of it to start?" "The quickest way?" Steve replied"The quickest way?" "I would figure out what your strengths are." "Right?" "What your strengths are and what your weaknesses are and what you are really passionate about." "A lot of people get into this industry because they want to make money." "Of course everybody wants to make money and you need money, but when you come down to it, it’s about the lifestyle." "So I’d also say right now you should find what your weaknesses and what you are passionate about and the lifestyle that you want to live." "From there you will start to attract and really figure out what you want to do as far as promoting a product and doing that." "The next step after that would basically be to find a mentor that can show you how to do that." "That’s where I would start." I then replied and cloncluded "You heard him!" "FromThe Tube Ninja himself," "one of my best mentors." "Tube Ninja Steve Shuitt," "thank you for joining us for this interview." "Woo!" Steve came back and gave me a hug and looked at the camera and said "What!" I closed with this "I have more clips and I will have Ryan Dunn coming up next." Hector the collector here. See you guys on the next video or article!" About the Author: 相关的主题文章: