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Gloria Tang and Venus "mother and daughter" challenge of acting Xiaofan audience – Gloria Tang meets " entertainment Sohu; Qingdao was forced to aunt "   Sohu Oriental TV entertainment news scene comedy variety show "tonight" Paramount October 29th (Saturday) 20:30 will broadcast sixth programs. Before the show, "tonight" came to Bailemen challenge scene comedy guests are actors, even on the issue of Han Geng’s current focus on film and television, to become adept at performing. But this week, with "Little Giant Lung" said singer G.E.M. Gloria Tang appeared on "the tonight," try to challenge the scene comedy. In the program, Gloria Tang G.E.M. and OD PK are not only singing, acting and became a Hurricane Venus "mother and daughter", after exposing more anxious to get married at the age of 27, I hope to be married. While talking about her boyfriend, G.E.M. Gloria Tang bluntly on the high requirements of "red my ex boyfriend is good," Madden words put Venus are scared. G.E.M. Gloria Tang, OD PK singing challenge of acting and Venus as "mother" as the audience in the eyes of the "iron lung diva, G.E.M. Gloria Tang since his debut singing is highly recognized, strong explosive force to style a faction, even can sing songs does not feel the same. In this program, the same singer OD with G.E.M. Gloria Tang also could not resist an itchy, the scene directly for PK singing, not only challenges played a classic "you make me drunk", but also a spoof of "black pineapple", body exaggerated G.E.M. Gloria Tang smiled and said: "how to feel like Aaron Kwok next to sing." Unlike many singers who sing and play, since his debut, G.E.M. Gloria Tang has been focused on the cause of singing. But in the "tonight" paramount, almost not acting G.E.M. Gloria Tang also try to challenge played a high degree of difficulty will transform the same scene comedy, "Lane bestie" courteously but without sincerity, then Zhaqi cute pigtails, dress and Youchi Venus in "mother and daughter", imitating Huang Xiaoming’s signature ogle act "the inner game" is also very much at home, show a great acting talent, which made the audience laugh incessantly. The propaganda "red ex boyfriend" stunned "Venus came to Bailemen tonight", in addition to the challenges facing the scene comedy, "master" Venus "tongue torture" nature is also essential link. After Fu Yuanhui to find a boyfriend, this program, Venus and seize G.E.M. Gloria Tang directly asked the "ideal type" standard, while G.E.M. Gloria Tang was a sudden "gossip" to frighten Meng, unconsciously blurted out: "not too handsome, would not be too high, it is good." Such a vague answer is not satisfactory, so a series of questions. The handsome and talented, is singer songwriter G.E.M. Gloria Tang chose natural talent, who knows the next second will not arrange Venus rules, a direct current.相关的主题文章: