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Goldman Sachs: 5 reasons for further decline in U.S. stocks! Tencent financial news, according to the Business Insider article, this summer, the United States stocks as calm as water, but now I am afraid the U.S. stocks to fall into a significant volatility again. Goldman Sachs strategists expect the S & P 500 index will fall again. Goldman Sachs expects the S & P 500 index will fall to near the point of 2100, compared with the current level of 2127 points lower by 1%. On Friday, the S & P 500 fell more than 2%, which is over the past 44 trading days, the first closing decline of more than 1%. U.S. stocks Goldman chief strategist David Kostin said in the report: "U.S. stocks have been flat, flat is a natural thing. ‘volatility shocks, ups and downs’ more accurately describe the past 2 months the status of U.S. stocks. We expect the S & P 500 index will fall by the end of this year, and the S & P 500 will rise by more than $4% in the next 4 months." "We expect the S & P 500 in the next 12 months will remain unchanged, to reach 2175 points, compared with the current level higher than about 2%." In the report, the 5 Kosti listed stocks before the end of this year will fall: 1) Goldman extreme market sentiment index is now extremely bullish numerical index is 95, this is a signal, suggesting that the S & P 500 next month will fall 2% off the European referendum in Britain after the lowest index a value of 0, in a week after the 500 general Neibiao rose 4%. 2, with the increase of political uncertainty, the stock price earnings ratio began to decline. The market expected the Democratic candidate Hilary Clinton will win, but a recent poll results are reversed; 3) the United States recently published data is very disappointing, these data include manufacturing and non manufacturing data; 4) this week’s data show that earnings per share is declining; 5) the value of the stock is still in extension. S & P 500 is now at a historically high level. (Yilia) more exciting content to welcome the search WeChat public concern number: Tencent Finance (financeapp).相关的主题文章: