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"Grand track" won the praise of users: Aesthetic lens for photographers and chicken – Sohu   entertainment; "grand track" poster Sohu entertainment news the day before, the National Archives heavy work "grand track" release, as Guo Jingming’s first magic movies, can be described as taylor. Not only on the topic fully prevailed, William Chan, Wu Yifan, and so on, and so on, and so on, and so on, the composition of the cast is very strong, and so on, and so on, and so on, and so on, and so on, such as Fan Bingbing, Chen Xuedong, and so on. In addition, every detail of the novel has been reduced to 100 percent of the movie screen, especially the use of scenes of battle scenes is even more impressive. And to achieve all of this, is the "small time" series after fifth degrees to join Guo Jingming’s photographer Liang yi.   "grand track" shooting scene photos left for Che Liang Yi "grand track" picture won praise audience: give the photographer added chicken "grand track" as a whole human CG film, written in different ways in the traditional film. All of the filming is done in the studio, each scene is to open the hole. So there is no real film but also put forward new requirements on the difficulty and the photographer. As a guide to the film, the car can only look at the first glance at the scene of the model, and then according to the scene to design a suitable lens. So we see the "grand track" presented by the grandspecial effect and the acting complement each other, this is entirely the responsibility of photography. For example, in the film as a lens praised: a large number of hunshou siege, shot from a soul and struggle of the laborers, large angle of view overlooking the battlefield rocketed to global, and then rushed back to the war in. It is the hand that comes out of the car. Many viewers watching the "grand track" said switching characters and 360 degree panoramic view of the people have to feel personally on the scene, the photographer added chicken.   "grand track" director of photography Che Liang Yi Che Liang Yi and then show the aesthetics of photography was outside the industry attention to Yi Che Liang the name many people not familiar with, because we are more familiar with him to create a sense of the picture. It seems that everyone says "time" the gorgeous screen, magnificent, and admirable long shot, these people praised Guo Jingming part of the film, are precisely written by him. The world-famous 80 young photographer, makeup artist in "destiny" "energy-saving" "sweet murder" in such films as the director of photography, the acclaimed works in the circle. His film language is very rich, just perfect switching long lens, slow shot, shot out of the picture beautiful, pay attention to composition, lighting effect is prominent, strong sense of movement, was known as the "rotation of randy".相关的主题文章: