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Have spent 1 yuan experience under the domestic game pioneer "copycat" watchmen "watch" on the line since the pioneer, the heat rising, whether it is a few days before the Tencent agent from Hi-Rez studio "mission Ranger" and other copycat works recently emerge in an endless stream, in the apple store shelves of a called "pioneer" of the Mobile Games than rye, Blizzard dad the watch "pioneer" than a "word". Moreover, this game called rye pioneer mobile phone version of the perfect run, let you experience the PC end shooting pleasure ", then Xiaobian specially spent 1 yuan to experience. Look at this copycat the "watchmen pioneer" is what. The first is a demo by looking at the picture of the game to a game before the "lone gunman" Xiao Bian think well, we continue to. Then select the small camp, edited the black widow. And then started the game. In short, this game is a top view perspective shooting game, as just mentioned "MDK", the "watchmen" is to "watch pioneer pioneer" role, by the popularity of bluff play pioneer watch. In addition, the use of the game’s music material, "watch pioneer" had previously launched the animated trailer BGM, and even the lines, the world background are completely copy paste and simplify. So, this applies to "watch pioneer" IP game over how the trial? Hand tour is not strictly reviewed by the authorities? In this game, there is a very pertinent comments on the game player, and the inside of the "Mei" and "Genji" price of 68 yuan. Just hot eyes. Sina’s statement: sina.com.cn posted this article for more information to pass, does not mean that agree with their views or confirm the description.相关的主题文章: