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Hardware The HCL desktop .puters are cheap and affordable and are Intel based desktop .puter for home users, multimedia, net surfing and games. The all new HCL Desktop AB2F0004is a desktop .puter that .es with a lowest price from the HCL powered by the Intel Celeron 43o processor and .es with 512 MB DDR2 RAM. The new desktop .puter .es equipped with the latest features for all your office work and home utility. Ideally it is good for all the multimedia use and games too. The HCL desktop .puters have gained lots of popularity due to the performance and the durability of the .puters. The HCL Ezeebee Max 49991 price is Rs. 14990 approximately and is good for those who have a tight budget. In case you need to know the prices of HCL desktop, you can scroll through the HCL desktop price list . The HCL Desktop AB2F0004is a Intel Celeron 430,180 GHz, 800 MHz FSB and supports LGA 775 socket. The motherboard chipset of the PC is Intel 945 GC and the storage capacity of the machine is HDD 80 GB SATA. You will find that machine is equipped with the operating system of Windows 7 No/UBUNTU Linux installed. The input devices of the key board are the 104 keys with 14 buttons internet/ multimedia PS/2 keyboard. The HCL Desktop AB2F0004.es with all the features that are necessary for speedy work and efficient performance. The HCL desktop .puter .es with optical mouse and monitor with a display size of 17 inch CRT. The monitor size range is 16.1 18 inch. Now you can watch movies or play games with the screen that displays great crystal clear picture. The machine also .es with DVD writer, which is an added feature in the Ezeebee. The optical drive speed is 20X and the storage hard disk drive is 80 GB. The hard disk drive range is up to 160 GB and the speed RPM is 7200. The HCL Desktop AB2F0004 .es with audio card and internal audio of high definition audio codec supports 6 channel outputs that .e integrated with Realtek AL C662 audio codec. The memory card reader is 17 in 1. The connectivity ports are the 4+2 USB port, 1LAN port, 1VGA port, 1serial port, 1 parallel port, 3 audio ports. The machine .es with one year warranty. Are you searching for elaborative and accurate information about HCL Desktop AB2F0004 , HCL deskto .puters and HCL desktop price list then logon to- naaptol.. where you are also available with unlimited number of quality products from various brands, .pare the features and price of the products and get the benefits of best online deals with discounts. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: