He, an intelligence chief, became the biggest contributor Trump can win punyu

He, an intelligence chief, Trump Trump became the biggest contributor to win win. He certainly would like to thank his wife and daughter. He wants to thank the angry white collar. He also thanked the populist ideological trend, anti globalization trends, isolationism. He even wanted to thank Hilary, an opponent who was not popular with the disease and scandal. However, even if there is a person, grateful, I’m afraid he is also very difficult to say frankly. He is the director of the FBI, James · cormie. U.S. Federal Bureau of investigation (FBI) secretary Comi 1, in a decision to make a re investigation of the moment, Comi must bear the great pressure of the Hilary. After all, it was he who made the decision not to prosecute Hilary 3 months ago. FBI director of the principle of it? He’s always been a man of principle. Comi, a Republican, senior federal prosecutor and former deputy attorney general, has long been proud in their fervent heart and make a decision based on the principle of self-reliance. The principles of the Komi before becoming director of the FBI, because the Komi confrontation with senior government officials and famous. In 2004, the then attorney general Ashcroft ward, White House counsel Gonzales and President George Bush’s chief of staff Andrew · · Calder is its entanglement. He removed Ashcroft Gon from the recovery of gallbladder emergency surgery, Gonzales and card to re authorize a controversial domestic surveillance program. At that time, the attorney general is Komi, he refused to extend the plan. When he heard that White House officials around the attorney general, trying to get sick sick when Ashcroft signed the Komi, immediately rushed to the George Washington University medical center. When he explained what had happened, the attorney general was on his side. Three years ago, President Obama named him FBI. In a time when the president was mercilessly criticized by Republican judges, his nomination was seen by some as a bipartisan effort. At that time, Obama has praised COMEY’s integrity " ". 2, the mail door, has been Hilary’s pain points. FBI is considered to be an independent law enforcement officer, but the role is still under the justice department. In theory, the Komi work for the Minister of justice Lynch, and gives suggestions for her and Obama. The division of responsibilities between the FBI and the Department of justice is usually clear. That is, FBI agents are responsible for investigating the case, and to bring charges against the proposal, and the Justice Department officials are responsible for the final effect. In a press conference on July, Komi announced that FBI completed a private email server survey of secretary of state Clinton. Comi said that although Hilary in dealing with confidential information " very careless " but he does not recommend the Ministry of justice prosecution. However, his superiors felt very surprised, because they received notification to Komi before the conference began, the equivalent of being "xianzhanhouzou". Later, Hilary Yuezhanyueyong, questioned about her health is also difficult to stop her, the mainstream media almost all her endorsement. The three presidential debate, is played out in the familiar and strong policy blueprint.相关的主题文章: