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Hebei maritime search and rescue center 5 hours two great danger rescued 22 people – Tianjin Beijing COHC aircraft rescue crew Chen Quan photo Beijing, Shijiazhuang, August 25 (Li Qian Yu Wenguang) 25, the Hebei provincial maritime search and rescue center by sea and air cruise, within 5 hours of two major marine disasters. A total of 22 people were rescued. Hebei meteorological observatory 24, 25 consecutive days of gale warning issued two days. 25, 11 am, Hebei maritime search and rescue center received an alarm, said the Cangzhou maritime search and rescue center reported Hua Yang, the wheel of the double rudder lost, waiting for rescue in the fairway anchor, the ship crew of 12 people. When the sea wind up to 7 to 8, 10 gust of wind, big waves at sea. After the alarm, Hebei maritime search and rescue center immediately launched the maritime search and rescue emergency plan, and coordinate 2 tugs to rescue. 25, 12 pm, the Hebei provincial maritime search and rescue center received the alarm, a ship carrying about 4000 tons of sand, in the waters of Cangzhou cable fault, the cabin water, there were 12 people on board, 7 to 8 level wind at the scene. After receiving the alarm, the center once again launched the emergency plan to carry out rescue, professional rescue ships and Rescue Coordination Bureau of Beihai, and coordinated by the Cangzhou maritime bureau, Shandong Binzhou sea patrol boats tugs, dredgers to rescue, please COHC Tianjin branch sent a helicopter to rescue. Li Shidong, general manager of the Tianjin branch of CITIC sea, party secretary, teacher captain personally piloted helicopters to rescue the scene, 15 minutes to reach the accident waters. Within 5 hours, the center of the rescue of a total of 22 persons in distress, and coordinated arrangements for the wounded. As of press time, on-site search and rescue of 2 persons in distress action is underway. With Hebei sea cruise rescue integration work, the full implementation of the "sea, land and air" three-in-one water supervision model, Hebei maritime bureau since the start of 2015, area of Aeronautical and maritime cruise work, carry out cooperation with CITIC offshore helicopter Limited by Share Ltd Tianjin branch, the sea area to carry out inspections and emergency work, greatly improve the monitoring capacity and waters emergency handling ability. From the sea and air cruise since the Hebei maritime bureau has dispatched 13 maritime helicopter sorties, flying 38 hours, cruising mileage reached more than 2000 nautical miles. Previous air cruising, maritime aircraft and maritime law enforcement vessels are able to work closely with the shortest time to complete the search and rescue and cruise work, effectively reducing the pollution of the sea and ships and other illegal phenomena. (end)相关的主题文章: