Helping People Who Have Dual Diagnosis-baxia

Health Someone suffering from abuse has his own reason behind it that may differ from others. There are people who use it to relieve pain at first and then acquire a growing addiction. Some from peer pressure or may even be caused by a family history of junkies and worst is a case of psychological illness which is .monly known as dual diagnosis. This condition is also known as co-occuring disorders, meaning, the patient suffers from an addiction to drugs or alcohol coupled with mental disorder. This requires therapy from dual diagnosis treatment. Since dual diagnosis takes place when the individual is affected by addiction and mental disorder, special treatment should be considered to treat both problems at once. These two illnesses have different set of symptoms which can extremely affect the individual physically, psychologically and socially. This can heighten a person’s condition wherein they can be.e aggressive, violent and defensive towards what they’re doing. Their condition does not only affect them but also to their families as well as other people in their .munities. They can even be branded as a menace to the society. However, this should not be the scenario. Proper attention should be provided rather than blame. A specific program is provided for these people. They can make use of this help being given by several rehabilitation centers in their areas. Properly educating the .munity about this issue would be very helpful so people will not ignore those who experience dual diagnosis and another one is to also prevent the problem from getting worse. There are no simple methods to treat such condition but there is a way out of it. It may not be simple for the patient to go through the treatment period especially that withdrawal can be very painful. Drug treatment programs must be immediately considered if you know someone dealing with this kind of condition. As a normal person, it’s your responsibility to intervene and seek help to save the life of a drug addict. An individual affected by dual diagnosis has no idea that he or she is having a problem. It may .e in normal for them so we can’t expect them to turn themselves in and accept what’s happening to them. Some may say that there’s no hope for those who have dual diagnosis. This is not true. They do have a strong fighting chance to heal. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: