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Henan Provincial People’s Congress held a special lecture — Henan branch network: People’s original title: Provincial People’s Congress held a special lecture, September 28th afternoon, the provincial people’s Congress held a special lecture. Liu Chunliang, Liu Mancang, Wang Baocun, Duan Xizhong, Secretary General Zhang Qisheng, provincial people’s Congress Standing Committee and cadres of the NPC Standing Committee attended the special lecture. Wang Jinnan, vice president and chief engineer of the Environmental Planning Department of the Ministry of environmental protection, was invited to give a lecture on "environmental challenges and ecological civilization governance in China". Wang Jinnan analysis of the environmental governance, facing the development of China’s ecological protection, public health, social stability and other challenges in the lecture, data, charts, case shows the present situation of the ecological environment, elaborated on China’s "13th Five-Year" during the general idea, the main objective of environmental protection, the key policy, we must focus on promoting the construction of ecological civilization governance system, make the public aware of the improvement of environmental quality. In his special lecture, Liu Mancang pointed out that Comrade Wang Jinnan’s report is rich in content and profound in exposition. It is helpful for us to further understand China’s environmental problems, strengthen the construction of ecological civilization, and do a good job in environmental protection work. We should firmly establish the new concept of development, in-depth implementation of the central and provincial on the ecological civilization construction and environmental protection work of the deployment requirements, by local organs of state power to perform their duties, and vigorously promote the development of green ecological environment, firmly hold the bottom line, and strive to achieve economic development and environmental protection, the organic unity of mutual promotion. (commissioning editor Yang Xiaona and Xu Caihong)

河南省人大常委会举办专题讲座–河南分网–人民网 原标题:省人大常委会举办专题讲座   9月28日下午,省人大常委会举办专题讲座。省人大常委会副主任刘春良、刘满仓、王保存、段喜中,秘书长张启生,省人大常委会委员和机关干部参加专题讲座。   国家环境保护部环境规划院副院长兼总工程师王金南应邀作了“中国的环境挑战与生态文明治理”专题讲座。王金南在讲座中分析了我国发展面临的环境治理、生态保护、公众健康、社会稳定等方面的挑战,用数据、图表、案例展示了生态环境的现状,阐述了我国“十三五”期间环境保护的总体思路、主要目标、关键政策,提出要着力推进生态文明治理体系建设,让公众感知到环境质量的改善。   刘满仓在主持专题讲座时指出,王金南同志的报告内容丰富、论述深刻,对于我们进一步认识中国环境问题、加强生态文明建设、做好环境保护工作很有帮助。我们要牢固树立新的发展理念,深入贯彻落实中央和省委关于生态文明建设和环境保护工作的各项部署要求,通过地方国家权力机关的履职活动,大力推进绿色发展,坚决守住生态环境底线,努力实现经济发展和环境保护相互促进、有机统一。 (责编:杨晓娜、徐彩虹)相关的主题文章: