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Home-Appliances A source for pottery kitchen storage and spice sets is Henry Watson Pottery, located in Suffolk, England. The family .pany has been making well-made pottery for the kitchen since the 1800s. The pottery is made without lead and has no decorating or glazes and so is well made for the storage of herbs and food. The Pottery contains a genealogy dating all the way back to generations from the 1700s. In contrast to the .plicated websites that are .mon nowadays, the "about us" link to this website is a simple family tree. Its earliest entry is one Robert Watson born 1787, and includes family members such as Tomas in 1850, Adam (Charlotte’s spouse) in 1878, Henry in 1929, Frederick in 1976, and Michael, Jeremy, Adam, and George. It is speculated that their longstanding success is due to the continuous chain of handing down the family trade from generation to generation. The Henry Watson Pottery ranges are divided among the original terra cotta and "funky" glazes of the "Suffolk Collection" and "Charlotte Watson’s Country Collection" in cream or black. Self-described "funky" glaze colors include Butter milk, blue, pink, and green. Most pottery is gift boxed. The Charlotte Watson Collection of Pottery can solve a lot of kitchen problems. The line has a wide variety of items; including a butter dish, mustard pot, pitcher, egg cups, and roast rack. The line also offers fashionable items with black glaze. Sugar, coffee, and tea canisters are available to purchase. The pottery collection also offers more practical items; such as salt storage containers, a garlic cellar, and kitchen utensils’ jar. More traditional items are also offered for purchasing. Serving plates, dishes, mug, tankards, and cereal bowls also exist. Traditional kitchenware fits well into the most luxurious designer kitchens of the modern age. By .bining basic shapes, quality materials and craftsmanship with timeless glazes and design these pottery products should find a home in your home. Rustic simplicity and traditional products provide a perfect .plement to the clean lines of modern kitchen appliances and cabi.ry. If you are a kitchen designer or cook with tastes for fine dining, you will truly enjoy the tradition and high quality of Henry Watson Products. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: