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"Hester daily" in Fujian Nanan founded the Philippines version – synchronous launch in November 1st, "Hayes daily" was officially inaugurated, launched earlier version of Philippines. Deputy Secretary of the CPC Nanan Municipal Committee Zhang Guisen (right) to Philippines "world news" editor Hou Peishui awarded the "Hester daily? Philippines edition" plaque. Sun Hong photo Beijing, November 1 Nanan Xinhua (reporter Sun Hong) 1 days, "Hayes daily" was officially inaugurated in Fujian Nanan, and simultaneously launched the "Philippines edition" Hester daily?. (by the Fujian daily newspaper group) and Nanan municipal government jointly established the "Daily" is Hester, approved by the State Press and Publication Administration of the first to "Hester" as the name of the newspaper. The maritime Silk Road rich cultural heritage in Fujian is not only an important cultural brand, the common historical memory is the Marine Silk Road along the countries and regions. Fujian daily editor Liang Jianping hope, "Hayes daily" published, lay a solid foundation for further opening exchanges between Fujian and the Marine Silk Road along the countries and regions, broaden the multicultural communication channels, enhance mutual understanding and recognition; smooth along with national and regional political, economic and social aspects of information communication channels. To realize the sharing of information resources. Nanan is a famous hometown of China, Ancient Marine Silk Road an important starting point. Secretary of the CPC Nanan Municipal Committee Wang Chunjin said that over about 3500000 of the people in Nanan or overseas business elite, or national political leaders, they have the same source, the need to strengthen communication. "Hester" Daily "provides such a platform, let the world know Nanan, let Nanan go to the world." "Cooperation with Philippines" world daily "founded the" Philippines daily "version for Hester? Philippines exchange," Hester ‘construction provides a broader platform." Philippines Nanan Association honorary chairman Dai Xinmin told reporters that this is not only for the Philippines overseas Chinese to open an understanding of Chinese, Fujian and the new window of Nanan, overseas Chinese hometown to deepen understanding, and create a new overseas communication platform, promote Nanan and Fujian and Philippines in the economic, cultural and the social aspects of exchanges and cooperation. It is understood that the "Hester daily" for a Friday newspaper, every day to open the 8 version, look at the "The Belt and Road", focus on "sea silk" core area of political economic and cultural reports, mainly news, county, business, marketplace, New Silk Road and many other news section. "Hester daily? Philippines edition" two weekly edition, and Philippines’s "world news" the report issued. (end)相关的主题文章: