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High school students should China nosebleeds School: less water – Sohu news body has always been healthy Xiaoyuan (a pseudonym), just enter the September school high school affiliated to China University of Mining and Technology is located in Jiangsu province of Xuzhou city (hereinafter referred to as the "big school") the third grade, but a few days of school, September 2nd at 8 pm, she coughed up a mouthful of blood sputum. Mother Zhang Hui (a pseudonym) out of the doctor’s occupation sensitive, immediately tense up. More than 10 points to 3 in the evening, Xiaoyuan hemoptysis increased a lot, there is a small amount of bleeding nose. Children usually a good physique, how would suddenly coughing? In September 8th, including Zhang Hui, more than 2 middle school students’ parents complained to the surging news (), according to the statistics, the third grade school has a total of 19 children nosebleeds, and different degree of vomiting, rash, sore throat, dizziness and other symptoms and persistent thirst, "yuan is probably the new school playground. The runway (plastic)." 2 high school principal Wang Jianpeng confirmed that part of the third grade students nosebleeds to surging news. But he said, before most of the children "did not come to the new campus has a nosebleed", this is the dry weather, less water caused by children. Wang Jianpeng further explained to the surging news, July 8, 2016, the school had to detect high school new campus playground and school sample represented by parents personally delivered to the relevant agencies for testing, test results fully comply with the "GB", "so the teaching environment in schools is safe". "Poison runway" and trouble? 19 middle school students nosebleeds school according to surging news reports, CUMT school is China University of Mining and Technology’s public school, the middle school enrollment rate is among the best in Xuzhou, a large part of the staff recruitment of students outside. The school campus is located in the old mine China mine in Wenchang campus, because of the need to build a new campus, starting from 2013. In August 2016, high school should move to a whole new campus. "At 4:30 on the afternoon of August 31st to 7, the children attended the school opening ceremony, during the return to the house for dinner, suddenly a nosebleed." High school students should Chang min (a pseudonym) of the parents of Wang Mei (a pseudonym) said surging news. Wang Mei said, because the day before the physical discomfort, the morning of September 2nd, Chang min only stood for half an hour, did not participate in the running. After school, the children will be told in the afternoon she nosebleeds. In September 3rd, Chang min again nosebleeds, Wang Mei said he could not stay. She told the class about other parents know, "the opening ceremony of the scene a child nosebleeds, there are 19 people in similar situations have only third grade children". Hear so many children physical discomfort, Wang Mei in September 5th to discuss with the teacher in charge of the class, do not arrange for children to go to the playground to participate in running exercises (9:00 – 10:30 per day). "My child is in addition to nosebleeds, rash, back and arm are." Parents of students Zhang Yunlin (a pseudonym) told the surging news, according to other parents respond, physical discomfort of children is still increasing, the second day at least 4 people, other grades.相关的主题文章: