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Medicine The word chiropractic, .es from the Greek word Chiropraktikos that means, effective treatment by hand. Chiropractic stresses the idea that the cause of many diseases begin with the bodys inability to adapt to the environment. It aims to address the disease not by the use of drugs and chemicals, but by locating and adjusting a musculoskeletal area of the body, which is functioning improperly. Chiropractors are trained health professionals who use a variety of non-surgical treatments such as spinal manipulation and mobilization to treat patients with lower back pain, neck pain, repetitive strains, stress injuries and headaches. Daniel David Palmer found chiropractics in the year 1895. A grocer born in Canada, Palmer settled in Davenport, Iowa. Palmer developed the theory that mis alignment of bones in the body was the basic underlying cause of all diseases and majority of these misalignments were in the spinal column. Qualification Before you attend Chiropractic College you must .plete 3 years of undergraduate programme/degree programme (e.g. Bachelor of Science), however most states require the .pletion of 4 year undergraduate programme in order to obtain a license to practice. After an undergraduation, you must .plete a 4 year doctorate degree in chiropractic. Chiropractic education consists of 5 academic years. This education involves the study of the same basic sciences that a medical practitioner does such as anatomy, physiology, pathology, biochemistry etc. The major difference is that a chiropractor focuses more on neuromusculoskeletal abnormalities than other forms of medicine, and emphasizes less on pharmacology. What do Chiropractors Treat? Chiropractors treat, what is called as subluxation. The word subluxation .es from Latin that means slight dislocation or misalignment of bones in the spine. Chiropractors are the only health professionals who are trained to treat subluxation. Chiropractic Benefits During Pregnancy Many women seek chiropractic care during pregnancy to relieve their neck and back pain, resulting from weight gain and altered biomechanics. Chiropractic care during pregnancy improves balance and alignment in the spine and pelvis region. This can help the baby assume his/her optimal birthing position and reduces the chances of having a breech baby. Chiropractors for Sports Injuries Chiropractics offer a balanced approach to the treatment and healing of sports injuries. They help the injured areas return to the normal function using physical therapy How much does a Chiropractor Earn? The average salary of a chiropractor as per the details available from U.S. Government Bureau of Labour Statistics is mentioned below: Hourly basis: $ 37.88 Annually: $ 78, 780 Average Salaries: The lowest paid chiropractor earns less than $ 32,000 annually while a highest paid practitioner gets $ 200,000 per year. Benefits of Chiropractic Care Routine chiropractic care is important for maintaining good health and can create a positive impact on your overall well-being. Chiropractors may help to improve: Repetitive stress disorders Arthritis Chronic injuries Back and neck conditions In the words of Arnold Schwarzenegger, Body builders and fitness people have been using chiropractic extensively in order to stay healthy and fit. I found it was better to go to a chiropractor before you get injured. We are a perfect team, the world of fitness and the world of chiropractors. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: