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How should menstrual period calculate oviposit period? The date of ovulation – maternal women in general Sohu before the next menstruation 14 days or so. The egg is released from the ovary after fallopian tube can survive for 1-2 days, to wait for fertilization; sperm fertilization ability can be maintained for 2-3 days in the woman’s reproductive tract is excreted in the egg before and after sexual intercourse in a few days to conceive. To be on the safe side, we will be the first 5 days of ovulation and the next 4 days, together with the ovulation date, including a total of 10 days called ovulation. If the menstrual period is normal, of course, be able to calculate the ovulation period. If the menstrual period is not allowed, how can we calculate the ovulation period can be calculated by the following symptoms of ovulation. The ovulation period of 1 symptoms: loss of appetite research suggests that women is one of the lowest in the menstrual cycle in the ovulation period of appetite, experts pointed out that this is the natural instinct of the human female animal remains of the results — ovulation will focus more on finding mate, instead of looking for food. 2: energetic which is inherited from the human nature, in order to be able to successfully attract the opposite sex, ovulating women will become love their performance in good out of a bandbox. 3: high libido, women in ovulation period will be particularly strong sexual desire, which is pregnant women want to achieve the highest signal to reflect the body. 4: resistance to decline in the ovulation period, female vaginal mucus becomes thin, this is in order to make the sperm can more easily by increasing the chance of successful conception, at the same time, women will also reduce the nasal mucus, which increases the chance of bacterial invasion of human circulatory system. 5: secretion increased due to ovulation in the vagina in ovulation, so there will be increased secretion of the phenomenon, this is normal. So, if you suddenly find the need to use pads or underwear all wet, it may be the ovulation period.相关的主题文章: