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"How terrible is it that the big brother is watching you?" Sohu – "science and technology geeks completely develop guidelines" is a "repertoire" geeks park. On weekends and holidays, the editors will share some of the things that are not necessarily related to technology and the internet. Geeks Park micro signal: geekpark complete geek develop guidelines have no way of knowing, at a specific time, you have every word and action someone watching. Think of how often the police, or according to what arrangements to receive a person’s line, then you can only guess. It can even be imagined that they have been watching all the time. Anyway, whenever they are happy, they can pick up your line. You can only in this under the assumption of life?? from the perspective of instinct has become a habit, you have been living like this: every sound you make, are heard, every action you do, unless in the dark, there are people watching carefully. "1984" this is the last movie I read Pearce ·, starring in the latest movie "secret network tracking", the first thought in the mind of the emergence of. See I know the end, even a happy family, a successful career, but in front of the hacker harbour evil designs may also be grilled every vestige. The movie is about is actually a and we are closely related to the problem: if you are using all the information to track each other, want to let your family, want to let you ride, how would you do? There is no feeling of deja vu this scene? Yes, many Hollywood movie we see before, whether it is "007" or "Bourne" or "mission impossible" series, not all have the bridge? The hero took on a computer that’s equal to anything (of course sometimes may also be the protagonist of a very powerful programmer friends) "black" into the government department or the villain of the computer, people heartbeat away you want data, then defeat the villain, this is normal plot. Although, their means not more honorable, but most of the time, we are willing to "small and seemingly" hero standing on the side, just because they are facing strong forces of evil. Cool movie hacking technology, in reality, but worrying. However, I do not know if you have thought, since the government departments of the network can be cracked. So do we ordinary people, has been monitoring, we use the equipment used every day, and what will happen? Or further, in today’s increasingly intelligent life, not only is our mobile phone, our computer, even our cars, our furniture are people you are in operation, every hour and moment under someone else’s surveillance but incapable of action, it is a kind of terrible experience, this can not help let me think a lot about the safety of remote intrusion events. 2013 8相关的主题文章: