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UnCategorized Cool domain names are the hot choice of conversation right now. Everyone wants to land the next domain name, however, depending whether it is for business, pleasure or investment purposes, cool will take on a slightly different perspective. Within business If you are thinking of using the internet as a marketing tool for an existing business or creating a .pletely virtual business you will need to take into account a few different factors. Domain names need to showcase your business and what you have to offer. To attract the correct clientele you should try to include key words within your domain name e.g. if you are a coaching business, including the word coach within your domain name would be advisable. Keeping it short will allow others to remember it with more ease, and so lessens the chance of them getting lost when they search for your service on web servers e.g. rather than using internet coach as your domain name why not try something like coach keeping it short and snappy will also assist you when it .es to branding your services. You may think of having more than one internet domain name pointing towards your site and so in-turn increase the likelihood of attracting possible clientele towards your business. In your personal life If you are looking to start your very own personal web page, you want something that reflects who you really are. Some people choose to use their full name allowing people from the past and present to stumble upon them in a Google search. Another cool idea for domain is to choose something you are passionate about such as global warming and have a fun site relating to that by using an idea like this you can showcase your personal passions with friends, family and like minded individuals. A final idea for cool personal domain names is choose something that represents who you are would be a perfect domain name for a girl named Sarah that views herself as smart confident and energetic. For investment There are thousands of people throughout the world making a very healthy living out of the purchasing and resale of domain names. Dot . domain names can be as profitable as real estate if you are smart it is all about knowing what to invest in. The unfortunate news for all young entrepreneurial spirits that want to break into the world of domain stock is all 3 letter and number domains have been purchased resulting in your only option of haggling with someone who is about to resale. By searching for domain names that used sought after key words such as business, toys, books, car etc. you may end up stumbling upon a small fortune. Words you should avoid when purchasing a domain name. Is not it funny how when we search for a domain name e.g. ‘career coach’ it is not available however ‘the career coach’ is available? Most people choose to stay clear of domain names including pronouns and prepositions as it is a .mon mistake to omit such words form inter. search engines. Also avoid dashes in your domain names as they are frequently f.otten about when searching for websites. While there are many rules applicable to choosing a cool domain name the most important factor is that you find it memorable, chances are if you can remember it so will a lot of other people. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: