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UnCategorized Baby massage has been around for hundreds of years but is quickly regaining it’s popularity in America. Babies really need to be touched because it makes them feel safe and reassured about the crazy new world they are experiencing. Baby massage is also a great way for new parents to bond with their little one. This offers a great chance for you to learn how to respond to your little ones body language and learn how to nurture better. The benefits of baby massage are numerous and should be used by every mother. The tools you need for baby massage are simple. Make sure you have clothes, towels, bowl of warm water to keep the oil warm, change mat, soft tissues and a high quality massage oil. Make sure the room is lit softly and warm. Soft music in the background is also nice to have. Be sure that you are in the right mood when you give your baby a massage. You should be well rested and relaxed. If you are in a bad mood or tired the massage will not be a good experience for either of you. Try to massage your baby right before or after their bathtime. It is a good idea to be sure your baby is well fed and not tired, as well. If your baby does not seem in the mood for a massage then you should not push it. Let him/her take a nap or do their own thing. This should be something that both of you enjoy and are up to. Undress your baby but leave a clean pamper on. Lay them down, on their back, on a soft carpet or cushioned changing table. Be sure to ask your baby permission to start. This will make them familiar with when you are about to start. Pour some of the warmed oil onto your hands and rub them together so that they are warm when they touch your baby. Whisper softly or hum while you are massaging your baby. Also, keep eye contact with him or her. Start with the feet and legs. Be sure your hands stay firm but not too tight on your baby. Move up the legs and across the hips. .e back to the feet and gently massage the bottom of them with your thumbs. Now massage the stomach and chest with both hands. Move your hands in circular motions. The face can be massaged by using your thumbs to stroke outwards from the nose to ears. Be sure to stay away from the eyes. Turn your baby over and massage their back. Stroke all the way from top to bottom, slowly. Wrap him or her in a towel and then dress them or give them a bath. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: