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Real-Estate If you are new to real estate, or if you are looking for a new agent, it can be difficult to tell who deserves your business. Many people, when trying to buy or sell properties, know they need help, but arent able to evaluate all the different real estate agents out there. Scott C Defoy, a real estate agent who has been working in New Mexico for over ten years, gives some advice on what to look for when you begin your search. First, a real estate agent should give great service. Meet with a potential real estate agent before deciding to work with him or her. Agents work hard to develop a rapport with their clients, and you should feel .fortable being honest with your agent. Your real estate agent should be accessible to you as well; he or she should be easy to reach by phone or email, especially if you are a first time buyer who will have a lot of questions. Scott makes it a rule never to leave the office with an unanswered question in his inbox. Second, the agent should be familiar with your type of real estate. The field is very broad. If youre looking for a new home, someone who mostly deals with .mercial properties might not be your best option. However, this doesnt mean you need to work with someone who deals in homes exclusively. Like Scott C Defoy, most real estate agents have diverse portfolios, so your agent will probably have experience in numerous areas. Just make sure your niche is part of that experience. Third, the agent should know the market. Scott C Defoy makes sure to follow the market in New Mexico, where he works. Your agent should do the same. A well-informed agent will know whether asking prices are on target, and will know if new properties are about to .e onto the market. Take advantage of your agents network to get great deals. More experienced agents, like Scott, often know the market best, but a sharp new agent can be just as good. If youre looking for a real estate agent, asking around can be a great place to start. Your neighbors or colleagues may have some re.mendations for you. However, make sure you trust your instincts, and use Scott C Defoys tips. That way, you will end up with an agent who has the right experience, service, and knowledge for you. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: