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E-Books Have you ever finished reading an interesting ebook that sparked your interest and gave you the desire to discuss the book with someone else? Book blogging is a great way to connect with book lovers all over the world especially since its so easy to download ebooks online. Starting a book blog is no easy task but having the PASSION for it will make everything effortless. Sure, you will be clueless at first as to what steps need to be taken, but like all types of blogging, its a continuous learning process. Just follow these steps if you want to be a bona fide book blogger. STEP 1: Think of a Catchy Name The first thing you will want to do when starting your own book blog is to think of a catchy name. You can either choose to name it after yourself, or you can choose to create a name that fits the vision for the blog or its special focus. STEP 2: Choose on a Blogging Platform Once you have created a name for your blog, decide which blogging platform to use. Three of the most popular book blog platforms are Blogger, Tumblr and WordPress. However, there are many other platforms out there for you to select. Just make sure you choose the platform that you are most .fortable with. STEP 3: Design and Layout An organized blog needs a design and layout thats easy on the eyes. Blog visitors can easily be turned off by a confusing or messy appearance. Check out some existing book blogs for inspiration. Observe how they play around with their blogs design and layout and apply it to your own. STEP 4: Personalize Your Blog If your platform allows it, create a separate page called About or something similar. On this page, you can introduce yourself and your goals for the site. You might also want to create a Review Policy page, where youll discuss whether you will accept books for review from other authors and publishers, as well as what types of books you will consider. On your blog you will also want to give a contact email, preferably by creating a new email address that uses your blog name. STEP 5: Start Blogging (Book Reviews) While it is possible that publishers and authors might offer you review copies in the future, you should build your blog first from books you have obtained yourself. Start by reviewing books you have recently read, or make posts about the ebooks you want to read in the future. When you can download ebooks online so conveniently, it is hard to exhaust your library of reading content. The most important thing to remember is you should wholly express your opinion on a book. Be honest. Make an exact detailed point why you liked it or why you didnt like it. Other Blogging Ideas Aside from book reviews, there are other blog post ideas that make up a book blog. For example, you can list your five favorite reads for the year, your favorite characters, or great sites where readers can download ebooks online. You can provide illustration to each one with a book cover. You can also use a site such as Goodreads to obtain book information and cover images. This is a great way to visually display the type of reading material you prefer. Creating a book blog can be a challenging task. However, your hard work will eventually pay off and will be worth every moment you spent working on it. You will be able to connect with like-minded individuals, share ideas on where to download ebooks online, review books you otherwise never would have known about, and be a part of tight-knit .munity of people who share your interests. About the Author: Tanisha Williams is the author of two non-profit e-books 501c3 In 12-Steps and Simple Internal Controls That Protect Your Assets. Her desire for more interaction with readers was the key inspiration behind the development of her latest business venture ChatEbooks. ChatEbooks, launched in October 2014, harnesses the strengths of social media in order to help authors and their readers engage and connect within the context of the selling/reading experience. Article Published On: 相关的主题文章: