How To Use Twitter For Business

Site-Promotion Businesses today have .e a long way from word-of-mouth publicity to print media advertising to now using social media for business marketing. With consumers more social and tech savvy, social media has opened up new avenues for business owners to connect to their target audience and create awareness about their products/services. Twitter is one of the most popular social media platforms having approximately 284 million monthly active users. With such an enormous user base, businesses have an excellent opportunity to build a relationship with their consumers on a personal level whilst creating a buzz about their brand. Below are some tips on how to effectively use Twitter for your business: 1) Create an Effective Twitter Bio: Your bio is the first impression that your followers will have of your business. Create a short, concise bio that informs your followers about your business and how would it benefit them. Make use of relevant keywords related to your products/services. Also, include your website link to help convert your followers (potential customer) into a lead. 2) Follow People Relevant to your Industry: It is very important to connect to the right kind of people for your business. Using Twitter search, find people residing in a location you want to target and having interests in the kind of products/services your business offers. Also, follow market leaders, experts and other influential people with a foothold in your industry. Retweet their tweets, engage in a conversation and ask for collaboration. Networking with credible industry leaders who have a huge fan base will make your business immediately more noticeable. 3) Respond to Mentions: Staying active on Twitter is essential to attract new followers. Tweet informative and effective tweets about your business at least once a day. Monitor the response you get and then accordingly increase/decrease the frequency. Additionally, always respond to any mentions from your followers. Favourite their replies and Retweet good mentions to show you value their opinion. Do not be.e over-defensive or ignore the negative .ments about your brand. Instead, listen to them, offer a sincere apology and look to resolve the issue promptly. 4) Use Right Hashtags: Hashtags make your content easily discoverable to a wider audience beyond your followers. It helps you acquire the right kind of followers that are actually looking for your product/service. Whilst using relevant hashtags is vital, do not over-use hashtags as that can annoy readers and provoke them to unfollow you. Make clever use of hashtags and target important keywords that people would use to search your services/products. 5) Track Conversation about your Products: There are various tools available online that can help you track conversations related to a particular keyword. Track conversations happening about your product/service and engage followers by letting them know the benefits of using your product. Add a personal touch to the conversation whilst raising their curiosity to find out more about your business. 6) Organise Fun Contests: Hosting a twitter contest is a great way to create brand awareness, get followers quickly and trend worldwide. Contests are good engagement strategies that help you connect with your fans whilst informing them about key features of your products/services. Make sure the contest theme as well as the prize is related to your business. This would enable you to get genuine followers already interested in your products. Whilst there are numerous benefits of using Twitter for your business, you do need a professional social media marketing services provider offering effective Twitter marketing services to .pletely exploit the potential of Twitter for marketing your products/services. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: