Huang Xingguo met with vice chairman of the Chinese Kuomintang Hu Zhiqiang-queer as folk

Huang Xingguo met with China KMT vice chairman Hu Zhiqiang original title: Huang Xingguo China met with KMT vice chairman Hu Zhiqiang Washington (reporter Wei Yu Mizhe) municipal Party committee deputy secretary and mayor Huang Xingguo yesterday afternoon at the Yingbin Hotel met with China KMT vice chairman Hu Zhiqiang, welcomed the guests to come to Tianjin to attend the eighth session of Mazu cultural tourism activities. Huang Xingguo briefly introduced the economic and social development of Tianjin. He said that the vice president of Tianjin is an old friend of the people of Hong Kong, and always actively promote the development of cross-strait relations, pay attention to our admiration. Tianjin as the center, north of Mazu culture, has a profound historical accumulation, facing the "The Belt and Road" construction, the coordinated development of Beijing Tianjin Hebei rare development opportunity. We always adhere to innovation driven, vigorously develop small and medium-sized enterprises, and constantly adjust the industrial structure, has made new achievements in all aspects. In recent years, Taiwan funded enterprises in the good momentum of development, potential space, I hope the two sides to further deepen economic and trade, culture, tourism and other fields, play their respective advantages, enhance complementarity, to make new and greater contributions to jointly promote the peaceful development of cross-strait relations. Hu Zhiqiang thanked Tianjin for its warm reception. He said that in recent years, exchanges and cooperation in various fields to carry out in-depth exchanges, fruitful economic and trade exchanges, the status and role of cross-strait cooperation in promoting. Mazu culture is the excellent traditional cultural heritage of the Chinese nation, is the largest area of Taiwan folk belief, hope that the cultural tourism activities as an opportunity to further deepen the two interactive exchanges, promote cross-strait relations to a more stable and prosperous development. Deputy director of the Central Committee and the State Council Taiwan Affairs Office Long Mingbiao, city leaders into the Saint Wang Hongjiang and Zhao Haishan attended the meeting in Qiujun.相关的主题文章: