Husband wife hit the car smashed furniture couples divorce 1 days into the police station 9c8996

Husband wife hit the car smashed furniture couples divorce 1 days into the police station – Chinese blue blue network news client news October 29th (the people’s livelihood leisure channel reporter Fu Zongheng reports) Mr. Ye were doing business in Jinhua, are getting divorced. Last month 17, he said, is to go home to see their children, the same day, the couple three times into the downtown police station. Ye and his wife married more than and 10 years ago, has been doing business in Jinhua. One child, one woman and two children. In July this year, Mr. Yip’s wife sued for divorce, in order to avoid Mr. Ye, also secretly moved to Jinhua, Dongyang. Last month, 17, this place was found by mr.. Mr Yip said that his view of children, not to let the mother-in-law, later played a dispute, Mr. Ye wife from the two floor to the car…… Video screenshot video screenshot Ye’s wife told reporters, Mr. Yip is not to see the child, is to come to trouble. And she blew her home…… Video screenshot video screenshot screenshot Ye opened his cousin’s car that day, including the car sunroof, windshield, doors and other places are severely damaged. Mr Yip said the car was hit by Mr. Ye wife, wife say, Mr. day is come to make trouble, and then took an iron bar at home and smashed it up, refrigerators, home appliances are smashed, they reported to the police. Two people on the same day into the police station, Mr. Yip’s wife to bail him out of $1200, but just bail out, Mr. Yip and the door up…… Video screenshot Mr. Ye said his wife, Mr. Yip is a son-in-law, usually addicted to gambling, do not work, regardless of the child. She sued for divorce, Mr. Yip made a request, either to one million, or to his son to support him. After 17 months, the dispute, Mr. Ye was smashed by the car alarm wife, hope the police file. Video screenshot on child custody and property division, the differences between the two sides is relatively large, the possibility of private mediation is not. At present, the two sides have taken legal measures to solve.相关的主题文章: