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Keeping Your Maiden Name Posted By: Connie H. Deutsch Keeping Your Maiden Name by Connie H. Deutsch In my generation, it was a given that if you got married, you took on your husband’s name. If Mary Jones married John Smith, Mary Jones dropped her maiden name and took on her husband’s last name and Mary Jones became Mary Smith or Mrs. Mary Smith. Many of these women chose to omit their own name completely and took on the full name of their husband so that every legal document was signed Mrs. John Smith. Then, for a long while, hyphenated names became popular. Mary Jones, after she was married, became Mary Jones-Smith letting the public know that she now had a husband. But, that was in the days when women didn’t change husbands as often as they changed underwear. With the divorce rate being so high, hyphenated names can get confusing. If a woman has been married four or five times, she can end up with a name like Mary Jones-Smith-Forrester-Thompson-Kelly-Griffin. There are many reasons that women want to keep their own last name and it has nothing to do with feminism.

maiden name How To Register A Domain Name Posted By: Joseph P Helberg There are a few things to consider when registering a domain name. The first thing you want to do once you have decided what your website will be all about, is pick a domain name that is related to what you are selling or giving away or what information you are offering. Try to include a "keyword" in your domain name if possible. Keywords are what people will search to find your website and if you can include one in your domain name based around your website, you already have a jump on a better listing and people being able to find your site. Try to keep things simple, a name that is easy to remember. Also try and stay away from hyphenated names, again the goal is something people can easily remember. Think about the fact that someone may here about your site from a friend or article and may not have a chance to write it down. If it’s something easy to remember chances are better that they will still be able to find it later. Okay, let’s say that you are going to be selling golf lesson videos, then your domain name could be golflessonvideos.

registering domain name Site Flipping Riches Review-how To Flip Websites For Massive Paydays By Charlie K Posted By: Justine Blake V All domain flippers know that the right domain name is incredibly valuable since with the right name you may make a small fortune particularly if you purchase and sell at just the right times. In the following paragraphs we’ll take a look at a few of the domain flipping tips will get whenever possible from your business. You need to be prepared to take risks with domain flipping; it is just part of the territory. Sometimes the domain you purchase will not be the hot investment you thought it might be – to ensure that would constitute a fail. That unexpectedly happens to everybody, so when it happens to you just keep going but try to know why it didn’t work out. So just keep working this business since it can perform well for you once you have more experience. You are able to theoretically look for a huge winner in your very first day, that is only a possibility and never truly the type of mindset you should have. The suggested course is to be in line with your business and learn around you are able to.

Site Flipping Riches How To Pick A Domain Name For Your Business Posted By: Monty Clarke So you are ready to create your first website or maybe add another one to your internet marketing arsenal. Well before you just ask your spouse or friends what they think you should name your domain read the ideas in this article. The first thing you should think about is what is the name of your web site, and be sure to match it with your domain name. For example if your web site is named Jelly Beans try to buy a domain name that has the words jelly beans in it. Something like MyJellyBeans dot com or WhoLovesJellyBeans dot com. My guess is the site jellybeans dot com is taken. Ok let’s move on to how to pick a domain name. Common name or use a brand name? Your biggest obstacle will be getting the names that you are thinking of using. Most of the generic names like cars dot com and houses dot com are taken. Some may be available for sale but it will cost you an arm and a leg. I don’t like the idea of using a brand name because they are trademarked or a copy write so you legally can’t use them.

domain names When Should You Book Multiple Domain Names? Posted By: tanyas Ok so you have got one domain name, it seems to be working quite nicely for you. Are our thinking of adding a few more, do you need multiple domain names? Having multiple domain names or having bulk domain name registrations have many good qualities and sets of benefits. Buying bulk domain names, will keep competitors from trying to take your branding or name. Buying bulk domain names can lessen the efforts of a sneak attack on your domain name, and is a great strategy that can add traffic to your site. There are a few things to consider when deciding to buy bulk domain names and doing a bulk name registration. 1. Spelling of the domain name: Misspelling- always take your main domain name and misspell it. The reason for this is, not all of us can spell, and sometimes if the domain name is a hard name to remember, misspelling occurs. Registering bulk domain names in misspellings will help redirect to your main site. 2. Plural AND Singular : Not only is using misspelled domain names a great idea, so is using singular and plural versions 3.

web hosting Creating Your Own Website — Avoid The Common Mistakes When Choosing A Domain Name Posted By: steve Bass Your domain name is the centre of creating your own website. So before you rush out and choose the name that will represent you on the web, you might want to consider these 5 tips. (A) Keep It Short: The main consideration when choosing a domain name is how long or short it should be. Is a short or long domain name best, my advice is that the name needs to bare as much resemblance to your website as possible. Although you can register a domain name of up to about 65 characters, you need to remember that people need to be able to easily find you. Why make it hard for them? Sometimes a long domain name is better than a short one. For example loseweightwithoutstarvingyourself.com will be easier to remember than lwwsy.com. Although choosing the shortest, and most easily recognizable, name is always best especially if it matches your brand name. (B) What To Consider When Choosing A Domain Name. Try and chose a name that is going to be easy to remember. Would you remember something like yRUnke.com? Avoid using hyphenated names like "how-to-take-photos-like-a-pro".

creating own website How To Choose A Good Domain Name Posted By: Daniel Moro Choosing a good domain name is one of most important steps in setting up your online business. And with more web sites being launched every day, it is certainly not getting any easier to find good domain names that are still available. So what exactly makes a good domain name? Easy to Remember Your domain name should be memorable and easy for visitors to recall and type into their browser. Relevant Your domain name should be relevant to your business and to the content on your web site. Short Name Although domain names can be up to 67 characters, your domain name should be shorter, preferably seven characters or less. Shorter domain names are easier to remember, easier to type and less susceptible to mistakes. Domain names with seven characters or less are harder to come by these days, so you may have to settle for a domain name that is slightly longer. Top Level Domain If your business is in the US or if your web site is targeting a global audience then you should use .com as your top-level domain. Generally .net and .org domains are not perceived as being as professional as .com domains.

domain names Tips On How To Get A Domain Name Posted By: Larry Evans How to get a domain name? This is just one of so many questions that surround the field of domain name. Today, as the domain names continue to create a certain impact to the people, many people were asking the domain name experts on how to get a domain name for a certain web site. Given such fact, I have here some answers not only for the problem on how to get a domain name for a web site per se, but this will give you an idea on how to get a domain name which is good and interesting. So here it is. As the problem on how to get a domain name for a web site continue to come out from the mouth of various domain name consumers, many experts and resources have given some tips or tactics to solve the problem on how to get a domain name.
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