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I say "Jiang Shuying world" title exposing suffered from "social phobia" – Beijing, Beijing, September 12, Jiangsu TV reality show celebrity speech "tell my world" the first season last night (September 11th) a successful ending, Jiang Shuying, Zhang Liang, Wu Mochou and other five wins in the regular season debut nest speakers night, bring their sincere words to the audience. Finally, Jiang Shuying beat the pack won the first season of the championship, side to show the people on the outside of her skin white and beautiful long legs "general impression female Curve Wrecker confidence and understanding. Zhongjiang Shuying speech also exposes once suffering from "social phobia", now become self-confident, not only dare to take the initiative to talk with people, even volunteered to teach the most afraid of the teacher Honglei Sun singing ". "Social phobia" blew once taken from Mr. Honglei Sun to take the initiative to fear taught him to sing the bird’s nest night Jiang Shuying lecture on the theme "friendly" is the most powerful weapon, the story from her two encounter true stories and experiences. Jiang Shuying admit that there was a stage, even actively greet people feel difficult, "social phobia, this is my own definition of the high, cold and aloof is you give me the label. "As an actor, Jiang Shuying gradually realized the problems their biggest problem is" confidence ", though the feeling is still bothering himself for a long time, but later in continuous learning and self challenge, she gradually overcome the inferiority and for their harsh and unfriendly, the so-called" friendly, is actually considered people are friends, I will treat the habit. To do this, we must first learn to treat themselves, accept their own imperfections, and always keep smiling." When shooting the "good sir", first learned to work with Honglei Sun, regard him as a teacher like presence of Jiang Shuying was very afraid. But in a while ago cast victory, Jiang Shuying not only accept all his generous booing sing a song request, but also take the initiative to teach Honglei Sun to sing new songs. After the first two, the director of Jiang Shuying said, you’re the biggest change is to become more confident. Enjoy the "Red Net" Fu Yuanhui skin white legs Jiang Shuying is female Curve Wrecker this season, "said my world" final filming coincided with the annual drama starring Jiang Shuying "the way of flowers in both hands", thus preparing for the final presentation time becomes exceptionally tight, only take advantage of leisure and rest at night the limited time to practice. Nevertheless, Jiang Shuying still seriously into every modification and practice, focus on the look let staff do not want to disturb. That moment to win the final, Jiang Shuying was a little surprised, the final ranking for the game, did not expect too much, but she is a Virgo is very important, do not let go of every one of the details. Go backstage staff are busy happy, Jiang Shuying but calm down immediately, because the second day early in the morning and back to continue the unfinished film. To participate in such programs can show their existing impression left the audience outside the other side, Jiang Shuying was very happy. In fact, many people do not know, always take the intellectual image for Jiang Shuying is not specious,.相关的主题文章: