ID card caused by overdue 50 times into the black list of women into a problem alienware m17x

ID to borrow overdue 50 times into the blacklist of women buy into the problem of the original title: 7 years ago, the Yangluo women’s identity card lending "scapegoat" buy into the problem with network name suddenly 50 times recorded in Yangluo on the loan late Miss Hu runs a small studio. July this year, taking into account the cause has stabilized, she is ready to buy a house loan. "When the loan company filled in the data, their staff checked my credit record and said that I couldn’t lend it to me because I was on the bank’s credit blacklist. The reason is that there are many overdue mortgage." Miss Hu said that he had not bought a house, there can be no mortgage problems, not "repeatedly overdue". "Loan company found that the data show that from 2009 to date, I have more than 50 mortgage repayment overdue. They suggested that I go to the bank to check it myself." Hu introduced, she immediately rushed to a bank in Yangluo, found himself in 2009, 157 thousand yuan of loans for the purchase of individual housing, divided into the 240 period of return, has been to the year of 2029. In the course of the loan, the repayment situation has occurred several times. Miss Hu told reporters that she printed the loan information from the bank, only from August 2014 to July 2016, she appeared on the 22 repayment overdue. "I found from the Housing Authority, my name of the house was bought in 2009 of March. I look back on that period of time, I should just quit from a studio in Yangluo. I played in the past two years, resigned shortly before the boss Peng had to borrow my ID card." Miss Hu said she suspected it was time to lend the identity card, was kept away from their own loans to buy a house. Miss Hu said, she asked Peng sometime, Pengmou admitted to Miss Hu’s ID lent to a friend Han Han, the house is bought. Pengmou never told me this thing, I have applied for several times these years have not been approved credit card, and now I know because of the bank credit blacklist." Miss Hu said, now I like suckers like carrying a house, there are still serious credit blemish. Now need to solve two major problems, on the one hand can not afford to buy their own loans on the one hand, on the other hand, even if the loan, but also because of the "two suite" policy caused by the first payment increase. "The person who" admits identity will be lent to others Hu said, Pengmou said Han, the impression she met the man. "I saw him in a part-time job at the store. Peng said he was engaged in engineering, very strong. But now I’m out of touch. I can’t find anyone." The reporter found Pengmou studio, said the staff Pengmou out, not in the store, and provides a phone number to the reporter peng. Pengmou on the phone that you will Miss Hu ID lent to Mr. Han, "he had borrowed several people’s identity to buy a house, then run away. He also lied to me about one million, I also reported to the police, he is now police pursuit, who can not contact him." Peng said that she was linked to the name of the house under the name of the developer, the developer hopes to continue to return to the room相关的主题文章: