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Credit Crimes involving the theft ones identity are more and more .mon these days especially as technology advances. It is estimated that more than 10 million people in the United States alone have been victims of some sort of identity theft crime. How does this theft occur? Thieves can be the least suspected person on your list. Anyone from a family member to co worker or close friend can be responsible. They can also be lurking through your trash can for information or even take your order at a restaurant. The purpose of this article is to examine the different types of identity thieves and how to protect your self. Theft can .e from the least likely source you would expect. If you are the type of person who has a lot of friends and or family .ing over all the time do not leave your personal items such as credit cards or anything with an account number open for everyone to see. Identity thieves can easily snoop around your house and pick up information. Some people even have the ability to remember account numbers in their heads. I can remember back years ago when my cousin went to college and one of his friends saw him make a phone call with a calling card. His friend memorized the calling card number just by watching my cousin make the call. Before my cousin new it, he had calls long distance calls being charged to his account that he did not make. Do not hand your credit card out to people without making it clear that you check your statement on a regular basis. If you are going to give your friend a charge card to use to make a purchase make sure that he or she knows that you are on top of your game and they are less likely to do something behind your back. Stealing always .es from the least likely person that you would suspect. Another place to be on the watch for identity theft is at bars and restaurants. When you hand your credit card over to someone to hold you are at their mercy. These waiters or waitresses can easily get your account information and use it to charge something on your card. Small amounts are easy to get away with as well. The way to prevent this from happening to you is to always look over your bill before you leave the establishment. Also always look over your bill at the end of the month and look for suspicious looking charges that you did not make. If you do happen to .e across something that you did not charge on your card be sure and call the issuer immediately. Look on your statement or online for a phone number that you can report fraudulent charges. Most credit card issuers will give you credit for charges that you did not make. You can then immediately change your account number and prevent the identity thieves from striking again. Identity prowlers can also be lurking through your garbage. Believe it or not many people get their identities stolen from a .plete stranger who has literally gone through the garbage in order to find information that pertains to account numbers. What drives some one to do something like this you might ask yourself? Methamphetamine addicts often times resort to identity thieves in order to fund their habits. Other times people are greedy and are looking for information that they can sell on black markets on the streets or even the Inter.. Perhaps, someone is just down on their luck and looking for a way out. The reasons for why identity thieves are out there are numerous. You can protect yourself from dumpster divers by getting a paper shredder and shredding important documents. Make sure you shred receipts with account information such as credit cards especially before you through them away anywhere. Protecting yourself is much easier than you would think Do not carry important documents such as your social security card with you. Memorize your social security number and only give it out to prospective creditors or employers who need that information. It is very dangerous to be carrying your social security card with you at the same time with your drivers license. Prowlers can make use of that information for all sorts of scams that you would not even dream of. Do not carry your birth certificate with you either as this document can be easily used to obtain a fake ID with your name on it. Once thieves have hold of that information they can easily open credit account in your name. Do not give out PIN numbers to just anyone. Keep that information to yourself as much as possible. Also always shred important documents before throwing them away. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: