In response to New South Post tuition cheated after death admission with safety education in new net-cashmere mafia

In response to "New South Post tuition cheated after death: admission with safety education – Beijing Central Broadcasting Network Linyi on August 25th news (reporter Liu Huadong Chai Andong Liu Yingchao) China according to voice of" news "reported yesterday (24 days) a message touched the hearts of many people, in the Luozhuang District of Shandong City in Linyi province high street in Tan Village, was admitted to the Nanjing University of Posts and Telecommunications, the 18 year old girl was in Yulin Xu telephone fraud cheated 9900 Yuan school expenses, cardiac and respiratory arrest, finally died. Now, the major colleges and universities approaching, college freshmen are busy preparing for the entrance. Xu Yuyu had already packed their bags, but now it’s not. Xu Yuyu’s experience is a shock, regret and anger. How was she cheated? Now the case handling situation and how? 18 year old Xu Yuyu in the liberal arts score of 568 English majors enrolled in the Nanjing University of Posts and Telecommunications, originally planned in August 31st by Uncle Xu Lianbin and his father drove her to Nanjing. Because the school informed the August 20th uniform deduction tuition fees, Xu Lianbin rushed to the 18 to the daughter of a bank card deposit of $10 thousand. And on the afternoon of 19, Xu Yuyu’s mother, Li Ziyun received a strange number of calls to start at the beginning of the 171. Xu Yuyu’s mother recalls: "he came up to ask your family has the university entrance exam? I said yes, he said there is a part of grant funds to you, for you to university grants, I hear nothing, I said every day (Xu Yuyu’s nickname) you pick, she took a (phone)." Xu Yuyu answered the phone, the other claimed to have a $2600 grant to be sent to her, and the day is the last day of work, requiring her to 20 minutes to reach the ATM operating. At that time, his father had not returned home, Xu Yuyu quickly took the tuition card ride to the nearest bank. Xu Lianbin said: the child did not come into contact with these things, there is no experience, just listen to the liar said very anxious, seize the time this afternoon, she panicked." Because the family conditions are not good, mother of physical disability, the whole family expect her father to work on a construction site for the family monthly income of more than 4 thousand, less than 3 thousand, Xu Yuyu has three years of high school grants. According to Xu Lianbin, on the 17 day of this month, he also went to the District Board of education to apply for a grant material. "On the 17 day, I gave her a grant. People say yes, August 25th -9 month 11 card to send you home. How much money is allocated above, no matter how much money on the card. This card is sent directly to your home via the post office." To the bank, Xu Yuyu in accordance with the instructions on the other side of the phone on the ATM operation several times, did not succeed. Then the other said that Xu Yuyu did not need to activate the card, take out 9900 yuan remittance to a designated account to be activated, then you can put 2600 yuan 9900 yuan and grants of money remitted to Xu Yuyu together in half an hour. After all Xu Yuyu did, have been waiting for. After about half an hour, never received a phone call, she began to realize that there is.相关的主题文章: