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In the end is what makes Ang Lee and TCL intersection? Sohu technology "Billy · four years of brewing Lynn midfielder Ang Lee as director of war" since 2012 "life of Pi" after the return, in the shooting date by the majority of fans attention, especially the film beyond the existing film technology 3D 4K 120fps format shooting, is hanging the audience’s appetite, we want to see the movie 5 times in general 24fps frame rate display effect will be what kind of viewing experience. Of course, the photography technology also brings the challenge of the current projection technology, 5 cinemas in New York, Losangeles, Beijing, the world’s only Taipei, Shanghai, the 120 frame 4K 3D projection equipment, this makes November 6th held in Beijing "Billy · Lynn’s midfield war" premiere press conference has more attraction. It is worth mentioning that the conference site in addition to the creative team director Ang Lee, starring Joe · Alvin, Li Chun attended the global consumer electronics giant TCL, with its high-end sub brand "XESS Yi Chong", as the exclusive partner film of the home appliance industry, Li Andao and co stars also unveiled the conference site. For this, may be a lot of people do not understand why TCL to sponsor a movie premiere? Ang Lee and TCL in the end what kind of intersection? The pride of the Chinese, since the "student" of the international guide Ang Lee is a very charismatic Chinese director, and his charm from his experience and feelings. The urbane, gentle Ang Lee, there is always a "quietly do a beauty temperament". But from his story, can let people know how to experience the life of hardening and the persistent pursuit of the dream, become more powerful. In 1990, 36 year old Li Ancai with a "push", the first independent directed the movie is a chance. In this before, Ang Lee at home to work for 6 years, with his wife to support the family. However, Ang Lee in the low life did not choose to give up, but to enhance their use time in the housework when he kept reading, watching films, writing the script…… So, Ang Lee has a unique and delicate feelings and insight of life and emotion, and to show the scene of a profound picture of "pushing hands", "wedding", "the natural instincts of man", "Brokeback Mountain", "Crouching.Tiger,Hidden.Dragon", these films, involving the family, family, love, and a the growth of a variety of topics. But no matter which side of life, Ang Lee can come in handy. In "Billy · Lynn’s midfield war" premiere, director Ang Lee admits he is always "film students" need to learn, use new film form to observe the expression of the world and the heart. Today, he still enjoys the shooting process, the film is actually burning themselves, lit people’s hearts." Ang Lee director said. In the film "Billy · Lynn’s war in the middle" in the shooting, the innovative use of the latest version of the format of the bold, proposed that "the content and the way of watching is equally important", "the technology can be studied in the form of". "相关的主题文章: