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In those years, we have seen the beauty of Sanya Tourism – Sohu thought that Sanya beauty is exposed, may only need to open your eyes to see, in fact, when I come to this land only to find the original, this is not really. All of Sanya’s beauty is hidden in between all those casual, sometimes accidentally see and feel, miss, maybe that is the most valuable. Always think in addition to deer, no height to see the panorama of Sanya, in fact, in the Phoenix Valley area, also see Sanya without angle, and insight into the reality that love seems like exchange solemn vows and pledges, the hanging of the big jackfruit in Phoenix Valley, a little bar, it can release the most beautiful in the world fragrant and sweet, while waiting for the man will only taste. Once walk through Hong Chau pier, felt the building where prolonged, finally saw the yachts and boats are presented together with the scene in the accidental one day, and this scene may never see, but many people never been passing by. Friends say, in Sanya there are feelings of the people should go to the walnut, there are delicious taste and art, fashion and coexistence, my apprehension, thought that this is a huge challenge, actually really came, only to find, in fact not, sometimes people can with a common together, not only for the surface of things, deep reveal wandering in the town of those lonely soul in search. As far as can be found here, I do not know, at least in a short time, the sound of music, to forget those different from the past troubles. Through the Sanya small mango garden, personally picking this from eighteen degrees north of the gift, to grow up, but from thousands of miles away. When the distance she in the taste of mango, maybe one day, by chance I will one day because those people, those things have become attached to mango. I went to Houhai, although there is no Beijing Houhai noisy and bustling nightlife, romantic and intricate cross; has the most authentic side of Sanya, and only here to have such qualities. The wandering back and forth those fishing boats, fast walking yacht dock, people come and go, every sunrise and sunset, the rocks experienced seawater invasion and grinding, become rounded and the vicissitudes of life. People born in the sea have a special feeling for the sea, and for seafood is love. Phoenix flowers in the season, through the first market in Sanya, Sichuan, Mao Mao seafood processing shop to do seafood, the taste of the sea, there are spicy taste, there are intentions of the taste. May again via Sanya, very few people here as the feeling of home, wandering into a common, but when you really start wandering every day, ever actually parked is the best habitat. Every minute, every scene, every man, every flavor you have ever seen, is the reason why you are leaving and cherishing. This article – to leave the island’s brother Huang Zhihui, I believe I相关的主题文章: