Inner Mongolia informed migratory bird deaths a total of 259 dead birds found

Inner Mongolia informed the migratory bird deaths: 259 dead birds were found: [official found a total of 259 dead birds is] a reporter from the Xilinguole Meng investigation clues Zhenglanqi County Government Information Office confirmed that the event estblishing Nur recently appeared in the dead birds, the birds found a total of dead body 259, the Little Swan 233, mallard 26, there were no injuries. Bird species identification work has been sent to the authorities, water samples and dead bodies are still in the test. Public security organs are investigating clues. (CNR reporters Bai Jiege, Bao Yin) according to CCTV news client news, October 19th, events, have died Inner Mongolia Zhenglanqi birds Zags Taiwan hematoxylin estblishing Nur date, found a total of 259 dead birds, the Little Swan 233, mallard 26, is the two national animal protection. After receiving the report, the local government has organized public security, forestry, environmental protection joint investigation and disposal of the working group to investigate. At present, the relevant departments and technical personnel from lake water and bird dead body samples, and monitoring of the surrounding environment, the extraction of migratory birds were submitted to Xilinguole and Inner Mongolia samples have been testing organizations related to inspection, and the remaining birds dead bodies were harmless. At the same time, the local forest public security organs arrange police investigation clues, investigate the cause of the incident, once confirmed human damage caused by the death of migratory birds, will be dealt with according to law, severely crack down, and investigate the relevant personnel responsibilities. Location of the incident has been organized by the departments at all levels to control the scene. (Li Bing, Daniel Chan)相关的主题文章: