Intern pharmacist diagnosed ovarian cyst hospital refused to be sentenced to apologize coinwatch

The pupil detection of ovarian cyst hospital rejected was sentenced to apologize to China Meitan General Hospital original title: China Meitan General Hospital employment discrimination was sentenced to apologize JINGWAH Times News (reporter Zhang Shuling) because of being diagnosed with chocolate cyst, Ms. Wang has been training for 1 months was rejected in China Meitan General Hospital. Ms. Wang then submitted employment discrimination in violation of human dignity on the grounds that the China Meitan General Hospital to court, asked for an apology and compensation for medical expenses and mental solatium. The reporter learned yesterday, Ms. Wang apologized in writing an Chaoyang Court to China Meitan General Hospital, and pay part of the medical expenses of 430 yuan. Ms. Wang asked for compensation for mental damages solatium has not been supported. Ms. Wang said that in March 9, 2015, she was applied to China Meitan General Hospital to do internship pharmacists. Because of outstanding performance, the same year in April 24th, the unit decided to hire and arrange for her to do physical examination. Unexpectedly, Ms. Wang’s physical examination results show that she suffered from chocolate cyst, then asked her to leave the unit and not hired. Ms. Wang believes that chocolate cyst is a common disease of women of childbearing age, does not affect her work as a pharmacist. China Meitan General Hospital refused to enter the job is a kind of employment discrimination, which also violated her dignity. Apologize to the written apology petitioned the court to order the China Meitan General Hospital, and compensation for lost income 7461 yuan, the examination fee 918 yuan, the spirit of solatium 1000 yuan. China Meitan General Hospital argued that pharmacist posts directly face the public health related physicians and pharmacists legal practitioners of food and drugs are special and strict requirements, Ms. Wang’s condition did not ultimately confirmed, the hospital is to carefully, but also to responsible for the mass, there is no discrimination against Ms. Wang, the court should dismiss Ms. Wang’s petition. Chaoyang Court after the trial found that the China Meitan General Hospital to provide internship positions for the purpose of employment, the two sides should apply the relevant provisions of the Employment Promotion Law and the labor law. Ms. Wang suffering from chocolate cysts are not infectious diseases and occupational diseases, does not affect the work. China Meitan General Hospital in Wang intern didn’t tell her not suffering from chocolate cyst entry in the examination after Ms. Wang refused entry, it violates the equal employment rights of Ms. Wang; because Ms. Wang can not prove that the two sides have formed labor relations, it does not support its lost appeal; without causing damage to the spirit of the China Meitan General Hospital Ms. Wang, and Ms. Wang has been in the new unit to do so without the payment of hospital pharmacists, mental damages solatium to Ms. wang. Finally, Chaoyang Court ordered the China Meitan General Hospital to Ms. Wang made a written apology, pay the entry examination fee 430 yuan. Editor: Ni Zijian相关的主题文章: