Interview with Abu version update allows LPL to have a greater chance of IM-restorator

Interview with Abu: update let LPL chance IM chance > > > > > > click to enter the LOL five anniversary eSports project < < < < < Author: play more crazy since the Jialing River to see EDG players championship ring joy hugged, had gone for more than a year. The arms on the transfer of two freshmen, they soon went to the S6 stadium, jointly combat multinational despots. And after the end of the LPL finals, we also found the EDG coach Abu, let him take us to analyze, and now the EDG Dynasty, is how to form. Q: can you comment on the performance of the two teams yesterday? Abu: from our (EDG) performance point of view, it is better to complete the previous tactical deployment, the player is also relatively stable state of play. Judging from the performance of RNG, RNG may be a little bit more impatient, I feel they do not fully play their strength, it is a pity. Q: what do you think is the best player in the EDG game on Friday? Abu: in fact, Friday’s game, from BP to execution, as well as feedback from the game. I think every player is playing very well. Feeling (Friday night) EDG does not have that particularly strong players, because almost everyone will have some mistakes. Q: now there are many people will care about the injury situation of Pawn players, can you tell us about the situation of Pawn now? Does he still have a chance to play in the S6 finals? Abu: in fact, the situation is very similar to Pawn and Korol, two people are in the stage of injury plagued, have to go through a process of recovery training. Specific to these two people have no chance to appear in the world arena. Or look at this time in the training stage, their performance, in my personal opinion, two people still have chance. Q: EDG in the summer season is very exciting, not only in the ratio of three to zero score crisp beat the opponent, it is all the way to victory gesture advanced to the finals. Before the EDG although has won three consecutive championships, but even at that stage, EDG did not show such a strong dominance, do you think EDG is now in where? Abu: I think this question is open it better, before three there are two consecutive champions are the whole class team, (win) but also played a special player the main reason for this is to play to the limit of the performance characteristics of players. Winning is mainly due to the personal characteristics of the players. When Pawn and Deft after joining EDG, the players personal strength reached the peak, in the domestic situation, the configuration can be described as to a very luxurious degree, so that won third champions. And this time before the championship and three different meanings are: EDG configuration in LPL is not outstanding, but ED.相关的主题文章: