IOPE Bi Zhi Yan Aino muscular cream Market Conference – Sohu kaya scodelario

IOPE Bi Zhi Yan Aino muscular cream Market Conference – Sohu in September 2016, South Korea high-end beauty brand IOPE in the center of Shanghai, the first country Aino pushing heavy anti-aging new muscle cream – Yan Zhi live by artistic method, multiple effects and brand technology will be a new generation of "golden cream" opened in the guests front.   as a high-end cosmetics brand amore Pacific Group in the development of IOPE has always been committed to cutting-edge biotechnology, exploring the potential demand of consumers, launched solutions with the safe and effective skin problems. Also the group’s first launch air brand, IOPE Aino Bi revolutionized our habits and ideas of beauty, in the skin care field, IOPE is a bi Aino such forward-looking technology and products to play the ultimate – brand focused inquiry is most suitable for Asian skin, emphasizing the study from the skin deep, and with the help of life science efforts to find the best solution to skin problems, help the skin from the inside to the outside of the glow of vitality.   IOPE Aino Bi Asian beauty to the founder of the identity, after ten years of unremitting development and update, the chain reaction occurs rapidly found skin aging around the age of 35. Wrinkles, skin elasticity decreased, skin darkening yellow and other symptoms of skin aging effect at the same time as Domino bursts, at this stage, in order to prevent skin aging rapidly, the need for effective nursing concentration. Today, IOPE calls for a myriad of consumer Aino Bi Zhi Yan, launched a new muscular cream on the skin, full repair, anti aging skin, a key to open the setting trip.   the activities of the day, the art scene from the light device for artist JUJU activities into a new interpretation — full of beauty by silk and mirror, to create light and shadow world: floating in the empty mirror, meaning the time tunnel, extends the endless, is devouring the youth and years time. People are longing for new energy, like a time machine to bring young dawn, waiting on the time tunnel mirror.   talk about the cooperation, JUJU said: "IOPE is a very attractive brand, it is committed to stimulate the inner skin vitality, the elements necessary to maximize the reduction of skin life activities, this value with respect to the original skin vitality idea made me want to art gimmick to convey it wish. I have been particularly interested in the use of light, I hope to be able to convey the beauty of the art of light and shadow to convey to everyone, this is my first dream of artistic creation. So this can be said that I am looking forward to a new creation."   as the conference, IOPE global spokesperson Li Xi Bi aynor? Also at the scene, and the station down the bin to share her maintenance experience. Known as the South Korean national beauty Xi Li? Since his debut has been to the girl’s appearance are welcomed by the audience, and even many users are selected as the most ideal girlfriend. For skin care, and career, she also has its own secret. Li Xi that keep?.相关的主题文章: