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The decline in demand for Apple iPhone poly run rate began to squeeze suppliers of Apple Phoenix Technology News Beijing on September 1st news, according to "the Wall Street Journal online edition reported that in response to this year’s apple iPhone sales decline comes as the company continues to put pressure on suppliers, hope the price of spare parts reached more favorable agreement. At the same time, Apple’s major market operators in China have begun to promote the sale of iPhone through substantial incentives. Apple suppliers in recent months, said Apple has asked them to accept the next generation of iPhone parts price proposal, while reducing the order is expected. This is likely to affect the second half of the profits of some suppliers. At the same time, according to the retail sales verification, the China Telecom over the past two weeks has begun to 4288 yuan ($642) in sales of 16GB is lower than that of the bare metal version of the iPhone 6S, apple Chinese given in the official website of 5288 yuan. China Mobile and China Unicom have also introduced the latest iPhone incentives, but no major China Telecom. In the United States, the main operators selling 16GB bare metal version of the iPhone 6S price of $649. Although the operators are usually in the new iPhone before the release of the old models for sale, but the price of iPhone in China rarely lower than the United States, because parts of import tax and VAT pushed up the price of iPhone China. Apple declined to comment on the company’s agreement with suppliers, iPhone price. China Telecom, China Mobile and China Unicom have yet to comment. IPhone highlights the decline in demand for these signs, with the slowdown in growth in the global smartphone market demand, Chinese the bright younger generation has gradually become the main rival, apple faces difficulties in consolidating the demand of product. Apple is also facing financial pressure. The European Commission ruled Tuesday, Ireland to Apple recovered about 13 billion euros ($14 billion 500 million) tax, a new record. The third quarter of this fiscal year, Apple’s net profit fell by 27%, which stems from the company’s product sales become increasingly weak, especially in the Chinese market. Due to the latest Galaxy S7 offer to take the lead, Apple’s rival Samsung Electronics second quarter profit hit a two-year high. Apple plans to release a new generation of iPhone next week. Suppliers said that this year, apple continues to lower the price of parts and orders. Apple said to suppliers, despite the reduction in orders, but after the sale of new equipment, orders will increase significantly. But taking into account the iPhone sales this year has been in decline, vendors are cautious about the new iPhone sales. Apple’s price request has angered some suppliers, many of which most of the suppliers of spare parts sales for iPhone. "Why each supplier recently have this requirement for Apple feel very happy, because Apple is playing", "double down and reduce the price and volume of orders," one person from Apple’s suppliers, protect profit margins analysts said prices could reduce parts helps to consolidate the apple in the second half)相关的主题文章: