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Is it true that a child should lie? [Abstract] when the child openly to achieve their own goals by deception, in the end should not be? If no matter, will not lead to later liars? Do you want to expose the child’s cheating? Properly not properly? Don’t worry, experts help you answer! Playback: my baby is two years old, the last half year to eat but rarely directly expressed, but with all kinds of excuses, such as "I don’t want to eat tomatoes" "mother like tomatoes" and so on, to suggest her to eat. More and more in the name of others. For example, last night, the baby wants to eat melon seeds, but too much trouble stripping himself, then came to me and said: "sister want to eat melon seeds, you give her peel." My sister is watching TV, I asked my sister: is that you want to eat melon seeds? Sister said she did not say. Look at the baby, she had no shame. I give them peeled melon seeds, a baby to his mouth. I asked: you are not saying that my sister to eat it? The baby just remember, pinch a sister. I have two questions: (1) she is such a blatant lie to achieve their own purposes, it should not be? Although repeatedly told her what she wanted to eat, but it seems to have no effect. If no matter, will not lead to later liars. (2) when I knew she was lying, I went to the party to expose her cheating She doesn’t seem to react. Experts answer: a thoroughly think that parents love their children, is not the way to achieve their own purposes, when a child is placed in the environment that they love, he will not pay attention to the problem of love, he will put all his energy and attention devoted to the exploration of the world on. If his surroundings made him feel fear and fear, he was not sure he attaches the object can regardless of the cost to care about him, he will go to each other; when he does not believe that their needs can be met, will be forced to think of other ways to achieve their purpose. The children haven’t figured out how to make adult love ability and appreciation of the way, sometimes want to out of the way is to let the adults feel disgust, aversion and adults will be hidden no matter how children feel, children will become more atrophy and playing scheming. So once the children are playing scheming to achieve their purpose in life is basic, adults should reflect on their own, to see whether they hold a servant in the heart in mind, are most willing to give children need help at any time. If family members often vent negative emotions towards the child, or to reverse the way to the children express love, such as scold and teasing to adult children to express love, conflict, and often occur between adult cold war, quarrel and fight, will enable children to put the blame on himself, and become timid, afraid your behavior angered parents. The child has been brought into the world, if the adult children in order to be able to solve their own problems, to bring the child to heaven sent the family happy and harmonious life. If adults do not want to solve their own problems for children, then the future of the family will suffer because the child did not raise the reasons for the increase. So when.相关的主题文章: