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It replaced Beijing as the city wall see how blocking (map). It replaced the original title: surprise Beijing the most blocking city   how blocking? Yesterday, the third quarter of 2016, China’s major urban traffic analysis report released. In the "China’s list of cities", Beijing third, Shanghai, eleventh, Shenzhen,; row of the fact that the HA is first! Seoul! Shore! To see such a result, the people of Harbin do not calm, then write a poem: spring scenery, Harbin traffic jam Harbin, thousands of miles of traffic, in a million. At the road outside, such as car ant; Zhongshan Road, the whistle blew. The driver was upset and the bladder was breaking. See the sunset rise, not across the bridge. The traffic was so bad, cited numerous riders to the bus. With Mercedes BMW, Land Rover chachinantao, raptor, no freak. Genghis, Lamborghini, tears to see the car super electric motorcycle. All in the past, the number of the bus to Harbin or graceful but not showy how blocking? The two or three line of the city road congestion is increasingly severe had repeatedly been included in the list of "traditional city block in Hangzhou, Shenzhen, Shanghai and Chengdu have withdrawn from the top ten, and a large number of two or three line city ranking continues to rise, or even catch up with first-tier cities. Analysis of high moral map traffic data research team, the two or three line of the city with the increase of automobiles, roads, and rainfall factors superimposed, resulting in China’s road congestion problems have become increasingly severe, and the emergence of "first-tier cities saturated, the two or three line of the city to catch up with the phenomenon of". The characteristics of Hangzhou city congestion blocked "block model" the city of   this quarter report also for the 100 national city has done a detailed analysis, not only through the traffic data describing the congestion status of specific city, "Anatomy" out of the jam to rise or fall. The city of Harbin, the most blocking   this season, in addition to "Harbin topped the first block, the research team also found that the morning and evening peak Harbin are the most blocking the country. Data show that Harbin morning peak from 6 to 7 points are the most congested moment in the country; the peak of the night is also the same as the national maximum of 17. Presumably, Harbin commuters feel the deepest.   city — Beijing Expressway with   this season the most congested city is Beijing expressway, peak congestion delay index up to 2.24 (delay the index show that more congestion delay index is equal to 2 per unit mileage by 2 times as long as smooth conditions), and the Beijing expressway work day and amble jam for 14 hours, 9 hours, holidays expressway.   trunk road construction lack of city — Guiyang   through the analysis of the main city in the country and the city road congestion mileage mileage for the proportion of cases, Guiyang, Cangzhou, Nanyang, found that Handan city congestion mileage accounted for a very high. Analysis of the characteristics of these cities found that the main reason for the high proportion of congestion is that these cities are concentrated in the congestion mileage, the upper side of the road, but also reflects the side of the road in the city and the lack of trunk road construction. Self driving city – Kunming   Kunming 7 Jun相关的主题文章: