It’s better to wear these three classic jeans in autumn! (video) 4000dy

It’s better to wear these three classic jeans in autumn! Autumn is coming, it’s time to turn the pants out. Trousers are variety, we slowly for. Today to talk about the most basic pants, jeans. Jeans this year is also a lot of new models, but to say the most easy to wear or the most basic of those. With jeans as a daily wear, simple and fast, of course, is the most important thing to look good! [Boyfriend Jeans] Boyfriend boyfriend jeans Jeans is referred to a loose version of jeans, because the pants are relatively wide, like a boy wearing pants, so called boyfriend jeans. Boyfriend jeans because it’s cut and style version, generally feel suited to create neutral feeling, not so delicate all-match tight jeans. In fact, the boyfriend pants collocation is not limited to a style, will be able to take it with a variety of styles. The two different styles of a single product, together, often able to collide with a unique chemical reaction. "Serious" suit and "not serious" boyfriend pants, ride together is pi pi handsome! When will you shoes for high heel, or will take into mature single product (such as silk, chiffon), then go to work in such a no problem, you will not feel boring! Autumn and winter sweater must be necessary, autumn, winter wear. Single wear, it is best not to be too long, the best in the vicinity of the waist, too long to eat legs! New York fashion week 2017: Michael Kors understand the life of a modern girl cardigan is autumn must-have free ride, inside a T-shirt, a look into the bar, spirit, neat! Early autumn nature will have windbreaker, free T-shirts and pants collocation boyfriend, but to be fashionable, like her tied at the waist belt, or a retro feel socks. The weather a little cold, above the clothes doesn’t count, the coat would be launched! Take the bag, a color, a color coat, shoes, pants and a very clean color, whole body is only 3 color! Short MM natural selection of long paragraph, the blue air is the color of this year’s autumn and winter, we can consider starting with a blue coat. The weather is not cold, it will turn up the sleeves more high. Tall MM must wear a long coat, a word – handsome dead! Note that the ride must be simple, waist to clear, can be embedded into the jacket. Jeans are not necessarily all blue, white jeans and white shirts come out with all white shape, the effect is also very good. If you have too many jeans, you might as well wear a pair of jeans. The best of their own DIY, to create their own unique jeans. You can be used to match the shirt, because there is a cloth, embroidery elements, the overall shape of a lot of relaxed and lively, the shirt to be tied into a corner oh! With the pilot jacket is also good to see the dead, bags and jackets are orange inside, and echoed a bit, fashion people will wear is reflected in such details. [Cropped Jeans] nine jeans nine jeans are this year’s trend, because people found that almost all short pants are nice. Nine minutes of pants this year has done a lot in the trousers on!相关的主题文章: