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Jacky Wu turned "child molester"   filling the old variety coffee field — people.com.cn Jiangsu windows — people.com.cn original title: Jacky Wu turned "child molester" reveals the old variety coffee gas field are said "every festival three pounds of fat," the National Day holiday everyone opened "the autumn fat" mode, a variety of wedding, travel, the party put everyone in the stomach is filled, do not know how many people to a circle of meat on the belly meat looked helplessly". The holiday before the end of October 5th, health fitness class network "goodbye" has been fully meat on Youku online, Ma Dong, Jacky Wu, Jia Ling led the eight meat star collective fitness program content of the rejection of meat, add "spicy hilarious eyes" style so that users can not help but shouted: "a gathering of the funniest people on diet reality show, director group is really a scheming ah, can laugh ABS directly?" In the comedy hot eye at the same time, with Jacky Wu as the representative of the variety of people with enough professional dedication spirit + variety of so many friends shouted. Jacky Wu reveals the old variety aura as Taiwan hosted the world coffee variety king, Jacky Wu personality, very humorous hosting style has been well received by the audience favorite. The program on Youku exclusive on-line, the comments area was almost a Jacky Wu fan "occupied", many netizens say it is "at the top". And Jacky Wu did not disappoint the audience, in the show directly gave their variety career first dance show. Never gonna dance. Jacky Wu wore a bright blue suit, painted with a funny look, a "child molester". Together with Jia Ling and popular B station "ghost dance" livestock "how Dad" and "Gentleman", but still very hard to keep up with the steps seem flustered and funny, there are fans it is sometimes said: "live for a long time to see, never thought to see the dance, but this is also the continuation of the dancing style, is funny." And in the comedy, Jacky Wu also inadvertently tear a. Before the end of the dance PK, vote, a Liu Yan on the "coffee variety" comments that Jacky Wu could not help tears. Liu Yan said the "coffee variety" is "the others did not want to do, like Wu Yi will be eighteen, but can not be perfunctory let audience", as "the king of variety’s Jacky Wu deep feeling, said:" I played countless times, today is my most moving time." Netizens have also said: a good bowl of hot chicken soup, a weight loss program can also look at people crying, must be just a ghost dance to the spicy hot eyes." Style "hot eyes" horse Dongcheng new "national old driver" in the "goodbye" in the style of "spicy meat eyes" is not just Jacky Wu, also not good at dancing Ma Dong also made a return to the old driver". In the program, Ma Dong and Nadal sparkly ethnic costumes danced the Yunnan folk song "old driver with me" from time to time, duzui sell even flying kick adorable funny attitude let netizen laugh, called: "can not bear to look!" There are a lot of friends is the magic of the accompaniment of "company", have said: "from this point of view from the director who is standing, B ‘old driver’, probably only the old horse)相关的主题文章: