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Japan and India signed a nuclear agreement on the Andouble administration to seize the India high iron Market – Sohu news Beijing November 12,   according to Japanese media reports, local time 11 days this month, Japanese Prime Minister Abe Shinzo and the Prime Minister of India Modi 11 days of talks at his official residence, on the conclusion of the Japanese export to India nuclear power plant may be the nuclear agreement a final agreement was reached. Later, the two countries signed the agreement, the two heads of state attended the ceremony. Data figure: modi reported that for the nuclear explosion in Japan at present, and did not join the "Nuclear Non Proliferation Treaty (NPT) countries signed a nuclear agreement only in India. As a measure of the halt, the Japanese seal confirmed by other documents, if India restart nuclear test, Japan will stop cooperation content. On the use of the Japanese Shinkansen model of India Western high-speed railway construction plan, the two sides summed up the agreement documents, and strive to start in 2018, opened in 2023. The two heads of state issued a joint statement to write the results of the talks. At a joint press conference after the talks, Andouble signed a nuclear agreement that it will help to not join the NPT in India to participate in the nuclear non-proliferation regime, "and strive to achieve a world free of nuclear weapons in accordance with our position". Modi said, "recorded a historic step". Data figure: Abe Shinzo agreement will be completed after the completion of the domestic approval procedures. The Japanese government hopes to conclude an agreement with India to drive the export of nuclear power plants. However, the signing of agreements with countries that did not join the NPT will inevitably lead to criticism at home and abroad. The Japanese government is considering an agreement to guarantee the peaceful use of the grounds to seek understanding, and strive to get approval in the next year’s regular congress. During the summit, the two sides agreed to strengthen cooperation in the economic and security fields. Strive to start in 2018, the line is connected to the western commercial city of Mumbai, Ahmedabad to about 505 km of railway between the Japanese and Indian heads of state in December last year, the talks reached an agreement on the. Andouble also called on India plans to build another 6 high-speed rail also uses Shinkansen mode. It is reported that the improvement of infrastructure and investment environment, the expansion of the Japanese self defense forces and the exchange of military cadres in India and other personnel to promote exchanges has become a topic of discussion. Modi before the summit in Tokyo, met with Japanese Foreign Minister Kishida Fumio.相关的主题文章: